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  • Tocode Camel Wisdom Daypack

    The name Camel Wisdom comes from:Obviously, the two raised parts in front remind people of the camel's back. Camel is always hard working though it got the special cool looking...
  • Tocode Classic Oakley Leather Shoulder Bag

    The name Classic Oakley comes from:Oakley is the family name of Annie Oakley, the famous American sharpshooter. The designer was usually inspired by one special person by no reasons, maybe...
  • Tocode Commute Y School Bag

    The name Commute Y comes from:The commute is not just about general, it means can be matched with much more of your styles from fashion point. And the letter Y...
  • Tocode Cross Twins Leather Shoulder Bag

    The name Cross Twins comes from:Our designer named it after the initial sample done because of the double leather bars in front which just look like 2 crosses. Cross Twins,...
  • Tocode Gemini Leather Messenger Bag

    The Name Gemini comes from: The 2 projecting front pockets design was inspired by the opposite and peace of the Gemini in 12 constellations. Premium Materials Tocode Gemini messenger bag made...
  • Tocode Harold Travel Backpack

    The name Harold comes from: Harold means a brave and skillful warrior. This backpack was designed in a classic appearance and structure with large content storage inside and enough external components for...
  • Tocode Mr. Cello Leather Messenger Bag

     The name Mr. Cello comes from: All the dark gray and brown colors compose this messenger bag into a vintage and low-key style like what you can feel from the...
  • Tocode Vincent's Eyes Leather Messenger Bag

    The name Vincent's Eyes comes from:The flat and smooth structure and the color dark gray, just made the designer remind of the coolest actor&artist, Vincent Gallo. We can feel the...
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