Students have a lot going for them in a single moment of time and to cope with all of the fuss there is a common partner in crime – a backpack. College backpacks are the most sturdy companions for the rough student years. They tumble around everywhere, get dumped on the dorm floors, lounge about in cafes and bars, carry everything under the sun and also appear to be stylish at the same time. A multifunctional kit for the modern scholar and also a utilitarian travel mate. The charms of a college backpack are endless.

ToCode has a selection of popular college backpack options when it comes to attending college in style.


Why are ToCode college bags so popular?


  1. Scandinavian modern style

Simplicity mixed with chic modern functional style. There are no frills and fancies attached to these sophisticated backpacks. Their exterior has clean cuts and reinforced switched design. The material comes in classic black and minimalist grey colours which is excellent since it does not attract unwanted attention. The exterior layout has multiple pockets for miscellaneous items and a secret styled layout for precious belongings. The zippers are strong with metallic clasp and password protection for extra safety. There are also mesh pockets on the side for storing a water bottle, torch and umbrella.


  1. Padded interiors

The interior of these backpacks comes with a padded, shock-absorbing spacious design. A large comfortable pocket for a 15-inch laptop and several thick pockets for other electronic gadgets and periphery. There are mesh styled pockets for smaller belongings which are compact and easy to organize.


  1. Very Practical

While being on the move constantly students need to shield their possessions from unexpected external elements. These superior styled backpacks come with water resistant canvas and anti-theft material. They also come with reflective bars that can easily identify the bags, even in a dark room or environment. This feature comes in handy when students are cycling in the dark on roads after their classes.


  1. Multi-purpose

Students can use ToCode backpacks for college excursions, wild night outs and even for camping. These bags can fit in all the gear that is needed for a day-trip or weekend travel. They are sturdy for daily commute as well. 



  1. Technology efficient

These backpacks come with modern adjustable technological features like a built-in charging cable, earphone jack and an external USB port. For some who love to stay connected all the time, this millennial feature is a boon. Also now students can download and work on their assignments remotely even while on vacation.


  1. Variety

No two Tocode bag are the same there is a complete variety on the make and design of the backpacks. You can choose one for your likes and needs with complete satisfaction. Whether it is the Tocode Student Backpack or the Terence laptop backpack both are meant to be high on contentment and travel requirements.

When students can recover all of the functionality and visual experience with just these backpacks than they surely won’t want to take any other luggage. ToCode bags certainly know how to define the trends for the college crowd.

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