The generation X is a crazy bunch they are sophisticated and hi-tech, they love to flaunt their gadgets which is why they are in need of a secure backpack that is theft proof. Not to mention durability because they kick their laptop bags around with them to late night parties, study, discussion groups, bike rides, commutes, and internships. The backpack obsession does not stop there it carries through adulthood where these hip crowd stuff all of their belongings into one giant inner compartment of their rucksacks to the office.

Which bag is the perfect fit for today's generation X?

Connectivity is also the key to stay in touch with their passions and access work and study material on the go. For this the electronic devices need continuous charging. Tocode backpacks are well-equipped for this kind of emergency, they have built in USB ports for charging. For the influencers, bloggers, travel enthusiasts, and workaholics its a way to keep in check with the rest of the world and upload their awesome content online anytime.

Staying indoors is a myth for this particular generation, backpacks that can withstand rough weather and also be shock proof are like a blessing. Tocode backpacks are designed with high-resistant nylon material which are also environmental friendly. Their water resistant quality is time tested even during wet downpours. Also, they can withstand snow and sleet during cold winters. Their air baged and thickly padded inner pockets ensure that all of the electronic gears are stay put on impact.

Which bag is the perfect fit for today's generation X?

Tocode emphasizes on being your own label and today’s generation know what that means. They are looking to create their own personal identity which is why they has a wide range of chic backpacks for every lifestyle need. The messenger bag collection is awe inspiring, especially the detailed handcrafted vintage touch of leather work. So if you are one of those who has grown his beard and mean formal business these leather satchels are the best bet for travel and business. For the hip college crowd who stuff in books, study journals, and plenty of gear the cool collection is one to die for.

Which bag is the perfect fit for today's generation X?

The gen X transitioning from college life to internships and white collared jobs the business range of backpacks has some interesting and long lasting choices. For the ones who have taken that gap year to explore the world and discover one’s passion, there is the exclusive outdoor collection, apt for the vagabond nature.

Our final verdict is this generation is always looking for something more and hence there will never be the perfect bag that fits the imagination. We suggest buy one from each Tocode collection and keep your options open just like your mind!

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