It is interesting to note that the bag we carry reveals a great deal about the kind of person that we are. To decode someone you can just take a look at the way they carry their burden and you will know if they are adventurous, carefree or stringent. An eye-opener and killer time-pass activity as you huddle your way in the crowded public transport. If you are too lazy to detect the choice of life people chose to live then we have a ready-made list of all the bag personalities under the sun. Read along and enjoy, also try and spot which one are you.


  1. Backpacks

For someone who is single and loves to travel the world clutter-free cling to their backpacks. They are artists, social thinkers and ambitious entrepreneurs who love to conquer new territories without any hassle of bulky travel. They are people who are creative and love to organize their lives just like their belongings stored neatly in the various spacious compartments of the backpack. General risk takers they dive into new opportunities with minimal caution and emerge as dare-devils. They often believe in healthy and hands-free living. For the ones already in a relationship living with a backpack means accepting new challenges and avoid getting tied down in monotony.


  1. Tote

Tote owners are opinionated and stand by their set of belief’s even if it makes them unpopular. They love to carry everything in their shoulder bags for extra comfort and unforeseen events. Tying down their needs with a single bag they believe in holding steadfastly to the profession and dreams. They divert all their energy into completing their goals.


  1. Briefcase/Leather Messenger bags

Thorough professionals and only result oriented individuals. They will have their nose buried in stocks, financial and business fluctuations in the market. Always ready to take the bull on Wall Street by its horns, they strive to gain potential business deals with panache. Like thorough breed horses ready to win the race they are forever pitting against their competitors and planning, innovative ways to succeed in their career.


  1. Clutch

Bold and unique they carry frugal items inside a tiny purse, a party animal by nature; they do not worry about their future. Instead, they believe in celebrating the present and hiding their ambitious nature under the guise of bright disco lights. An extrovert who loves to meet new people, forge new friendships and keep moving without looking back is their mantra.


  1. Shoulder/Sling bag

Admit it, you love to flaunt your personality with style, a chic shoulder bag that may be a designer or haute couture is like a status symbol to you. You readily spurge large wads of cash to possess a show-stopper sling bag. The day to night fashion scene is very important to you and so is the versatility of the bag. Multitasking is the key to success for you while you easily impress everyone around you with your high fashion sense. 

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