Style evolves from person to person and depends largely on personal taste and choice. We practically look for fabrics that are robust and will last for a long time. There is the comfort level that is examined before any purchase, a travel bag that is easy on the shoulders is a favourite companion. We have put together a choice of backpacks exclusively by ToCode. They are made to impress and priced attractively for the budgeted consumer.  

  1. Fashion Freak

The fashion-forward individual is always on the lookout for a pinch of glam. A bag that ticks all the boxes when it comes to style and presentation is what is preferred by fashionistas and metrosexual men. The ToCode large travel backpack looks minimalist with its muted grey tones but is the perfect match to any outfit. Its resonance lies in the fact that it has a spacious interior and modern charging port. Millennials will dig the idea of showing off their baggy asset when it comes to using their mobile while on the move. They will love the fact that it features a stylish headphone jack and sunglasses annexe buckle too. How versatile is this backpack? With multiple zipped compartments, you can also carry a change of clothes and shoes for a comfortable vacation.

  1. The Bossy type

Do you love to show your bossy side with power dressing? You are always dressed in crisp blazers and suits or formal skirt and blazer tops. There is a look of seriousness on the face and your gait is one of a hurried businessperson shooting off to close a deal. Then why should your backpack be mundane? Invest in a life-size leather canvas messenger bag by ToCode. This shoulder bag can hold a 15.6 inch MacBook laptop with ease, so now you are prepared for all the official meetings. Its boxed sling style can be held like an urbane briefcase as well. Strongly weaved and waxed to be water-proofed this monochromatic bag is eye-pleasing and stylish than a patterned tote bag. Get it monogrammed with your company label or your brand name and watch your clients appreciate the way you carry yourself.

  1. The Casual

A care-free spirited person doesn’t really worry about impressing anyone. All he/she seeks is the comfort level when it comes to investing in personal style. They are the ones who do not run after high-end fashion brands and instead prefer local items. Their sense of duty towards the environment is visible with the type of accessories and outfits they choose to flaunt. For these simple and casual individuals, there is the ToCode Unisex laptop backpack. It is high on utility and less on fuss, the backpack has comfy shoulder pads that do not slide out while travelling. Lots of breathable room and equal distribution of weight due to its enigmatic ergonomic structure. It comes in the universally blended black tone to avoid sending out multiple attention while on a trip to an unknown location.

These bags are neither large nor bulky and hence just right for any kind of travel, occasion, weather and outfit. So now whether you are a lawyer, teacher, engineer or a doctor you can avail the multiple features of ToCode bags for your profession. Not just these high-flying professionals but also the one who loves to spend time exploring new places will worship the individuality and functionality of these dynamic backpacks.

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