Portland, Oregon is any backpackers dream destination. The region is flanked by two mountain ranges and this gives plenty of opportunities to hikers, campers, and nature trail lovers to explore the area and have fun. Before you plan any trip it is a must to know which season you will be travelling in and what are the essentials you need to pack for the journey.

We have come up with a practical travel guide for every season:

1. Spring in Portland

What to Pack for Portland: a Guide for Every Season

The backpack must be fit to carry colorful yet warm clothing like scarves, leggings, plenty of layering outfits, sweaters, and boots. Since the weather will be nippy, it is advisable to pack cozy yet stylish clothes. As you will be carrying out tonnes of outdoor activity you don’t want to die in the chill while camping or hiking.

2. Summer in Portland

What to Pack for Portland: a Guide for Every Season

As it is not a port city the temperatures are soaring during summer. It is advisable to carry long maxi dresses, slip-ons, T-shirts, shorts, jeans, and sandals or sneakers for footwear. You might also want to pack your swim wear as this region has many pretty lakes and rivers. Tempting enough to take a dip in the sweltering heat. Also to protect yourself from the harsh UV rays, carry a good 100% protective SPF creame and pair of essential sunglasses in your backpack.

Note: Carry a good pair of footwear and a light jacket or raincoat to avoid getting wet or slipping during the spring and summer wet spells. Also pack all of your essentials in a water resistant backpack to keep them dry.

3. Fall in Portland

During the fall the air is crisp and dry, which means you will need plenty of skin moisturizer. The main colors to carry would be red, brown, tan, black, and grey. Earthy tones for the season changing weather. Outfits that are layered and cozy footwear like ankle boots. A leather shoulder bag or cool backpack can be the perfect travel companion while exploring Portland during the fall as it compliments the season colors.

What to Pack for Portland: a Guide for Every Season

4. Winter in Portland

Winters are cold and wet due to snowfall and rain. Both of these are unpredictable hence pack a good pair of water resistant as well warm clothes. Layering is the key, wear thermal leggings and top on the inside and thick coats on the outside to avoid frost bites. If you plan to hike or camp during this weather then it is compulsory that you invest in a good pair of shoes that are not open toed. Thick work boots, knee length boots, and ankle boots are necessary.

A trip to Portland is certainly not lightweight you need heavy gear when it comes to visiting this place and for that you need a sturdy lifestyle backpack. Tocode has an amazing collection of backpacks tailor made for every season. Its extra features are to die for, browse through their collection and plan your next trip to Portland with ease.

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