The traditional backpacks have been taken over by fashion conscious and tech-savvy generation. These smart backpacks are so tempting that one will immediately want to possess superior quality with functionality.

The latest trend in backpacks is LED display screens, imagine flashing your favourite emoji or even a random message. This could well mean your kid not getting lost in the crowd, particularly if they are special-abled. Innovations like these are useful for cyclists and riders as well who can now flash their navigation while riding. These glow in the dark LED signs to make them visible too, while night-riding, in turn promoting lesser accidents. Some are equipped with solar charged batteries that can fire up your mobile phones and electronic items with unquenchable energy powered by the sun. No battery drain issues in the near future with these hi-tech backpacks.

For lovers of coffee who spend endless amounts of time relishing cup after cup and digging into scones with a healthy dose of reading via Kindle will have nothing to complain about. They can perfectly complete their afternoon soiree with their power banks attached to external USB ports on their backpacks and keep their devices fully charged.

Professionals and students who never part with their laptops even while in bed have a lot to celebrate with their smart backpacks. Now, these are featured with headphone jacks and extra cable to charge their power machines on the go. Travel and regular bloggers who hunt for free Wifi to upload all their adventurous content will have no trouble with battery dead phones and cameras. Backpacks have revolutionized into travel companions for solo travellers as well. Now you can pinpoint your location with GPS and never miss an update about new routes, restaurants, sights and discounts on hotels even while browsing all of these with your phone attached to your shoulder bag.

ToCode has definitely come up with eco-friendly and budgeted smart backpacks that can fulfil all of your needs. Dang! There are so chic and feature extraordinary charging capabilities with their external USB port. The Scandinavian aesthetic combined with reinforced stitching and water-proof exterior keeps your belongings safe under every circumstance. Lightweight and surprisingly roomy for even a large laptop, these backpacks are theft-free and able load bearers.

So whether you are working on that award-winning presentation or listening to an educational podcast, ToCode backpacks keep you connected with the outside world. Challenge yourself to create a new identity with this affordable range of lifestyle bags that come with all the millennial trappings.

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