This is the season of new starts, career, college and adventurous life. After shopping all the accessories required for the journey ahead it’s now time to collect and pack them in a reliable, tough, secure, cool backpack. Nobody wants to carry forward with the same old bag that was used day after day, everyday in the previous season.. Not only we get tired of using the same bag, but the bag also gets tired of carrying the weight of the accessories and starts looking dull. Say NO to such bags.

For you exclusively we designed our backpacks, bags which you’ll get tired of but it won’t get tired of you. TOCODE designs the classical bags which not only are tough, durable, strong and fashionable but also cool.


Our Grand Canyon ensures you get Grand comfort when you carry this backpack on your commute and your journey is hassle free and safe.

With spacious pockets, this bag will provide you enough room to keep your standard 15.6inch laptop and other accessories separately, making your laptop secure and ensuring it remains scratch free. The waterproofing texture and strong zippers with a password lock gives you the liberty to move tension free off bad weather and the backpack being stolen. The Inbuilt Portable USB slot gives you power on the go. This is a perfect fit for college, business meetings and trips.


Our Tyler Laptop bag comes with a comfy padding, to keep you more comfortable and it’s waterproof texture ensures, nothing comes in between your journey and you. The comfortable handle on the top and the straps makes it even better to carry and run around the city streets. This specially designed master piece will help you keep your accessories well arranged and the spacious compartments will make sure, you always have that extra space to keep the gorgeous shirt or an extra pair of clothes from the market on your way home from a distant land. Our TYLER will stand out in the crowd be it, fashion, durability, comfort or the cost.


Our POET DEVIN and it’s tough built quality and sleek design is the best pick for the season.

Made with waterproof nylon and it’s unique design is a blessing for the Trendsetter in you. Smooth Zippers, Comfy Pads , Spacious Compartments, Unique Style , Password Lock, Inbuilt USB PORT, Lightweight, and the Colour Black.. This defines a perfect backpack. You can easily keep your keys, cables, clothes, electronics, organized and handy in POET DEVIN LAPTOP BACKPACK without making a big hole in your pocket.


Our TERNENCE is quite simple looking and yet fashionable and strongly built. The spacious compartments will keep you organised and your accessories secure with it’s new password lock. The Inbuilt Portable USB slot gives you power on the go and makes sure you never miss the chance to create that engaging Instagram post. The wide straps and comfortable padding on the back gives you extra comfort and less strain on the back and the neck. This bag, you buy it once, you’ll not have to invest in backpack for a long time to come unless you decide to gift this to someone you love.


Not only the name, the bag is equally cool, equipped with latest features, providing a tough bag, we make sure, our customers receive the best. Our NINJA is waterproof, fashionable, spacious, made for techie and explorer for a comfortable journey.




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