Whenever you are about to book a destination the main thing you worry about is the weather and the kind of place you will travel to. This anxiety crops up with the fact that you will be holding a bulky travel bag to correspond in all your needs. You certainly do not want to compromise on style and size when it comes to investing in a lifelong bag. This often means buying an expensive piece of luggage. You know how women can be picky and choosy when it comes to designer bags. You will create quite a dent in your budget if you are planning to gift a versatile travel bag for your beloved this Valentine season.

Backpacks have been left out always in the sartorial backburner for their minimalist style. They are considered to be a mundane alternative for frequent travellers. But we present chic and modernized versions by ToCode that will knock off your senses with their in the budget prices. All of these voguish travel bags come under $50, thankfully you do not have to flush your bank balance to own one of these magnificent pieces.

The cleverest packaging of these backpacks is that they are well equipped for laptops. As you know carrying laptops has become a top priority of many business personals, influencers, travel bloggers and even students. ToCode bags are equipped to brace any weather and wet spell with their superior quality design and canvas. They come with wide angled straps and padded interiors for extra grip and safety of all electronic items. The most attractive feature about these lifestyle bags is that they have an external USB port and charging cable attached to the body. This ensures that social media freaks keep posting all their updates without any technical glitches.

Musicians are in for a treat too, ToCode backpacks have up to date headphone jacks. Music and long journeys are comforting for any traveller. Now, regarding fashion savvy women who love to carry all of their makeup. There are separate organizer pockets in the interior to store all the makeup kits and extra accessories. The large pockets are spacious enough to carry heels and fresh pair of clothing while on a trip. All of the lotions and day creams can be tucked in the back or front zippers. The bags come with high-level password protection and anti-slash ergonomic body. Women necessarily do not have to risk their backs and shoulders with a heavy burden, these bags are better than hauling weighty tote bags.

Prepare to stun your beloved with these bags as Valentine gifts, if they are a scholar in school, a goal-oriented entrepreneur or a moody high flyer. They will never be disappointed with the flexible features of their ToCode bags. Trust us they will be constantly thinking and thanking you as they travel solo or with you with these striking travel bags.

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