There are varied opinions by experts while planning to carry a laptop along with you for your travels. Some recommend buying a separate neoprene-foam sleeve to store the laptop while packing it in a backpack. While others recommend a bulky laptop case to be added for extra protection. All these suggestions look fine since people are always paranoid about their laptops getting stolen or damaged in a bare bone backpack. But we have the perfect solution to this long standing debate and it is the newly introduced Unisex Laptop backpack by Tocode.

Unisex Laptop Backpack - A Must Have For Any Bag Lovers!

Some of the major concerns while carrying a Laptop:


1. The major part of travelling is done on foot and you can never hold your laptop in a case while sightseeing or completing travel procedures. It is too risky and dangerous to keep it exposed to the outside elements.
2. Carrying a laptop separately too will attract unwanted attention, especially from thieves in new places.
3. Students run the potential threat of losing their laptops while keeping it in a dorm room or cafeteria unsupervised.

    Unisex Laptop Backpack - A Must Have For Any Bag Lovers!


    4. Grad students always carry their laptops with them even to booze parties a single spill of drinks or an accidental crash while partying can ruin the gear forever.
    5. Textbooks and other items dumped along with the laptop can cause scratches on its glossy surface and also sometimes overheat the electronic device.
    6. Daily commutes in public transport can easily damage the device with constant rough bumps.


    Hence having a durable and extra cushioning for the laptop is necessary for any basic traveler.

    How does Tocode Unisex laptop bag work for you?

    You will never have to invest in a bulky case for your laptop ever again. This Tocode laptop backpack has a large pocket to fit in a 17’’inch laptop/MacBook comfortably. It has smaller pockets that can fit in mouse, adaptor, notebooks, clothes, guidebook, wallet, other peripheral electronic gears and documents safely. The special laptop compartment is padded enough to absorb shock and keep your electronic gear from cracking or damaging.

    Unisex Laptop Backpack - A Must Have For Any Bag Lovers!

    It has a great ergonomic design that distributes the weight evenly so that you can travel with ease. The body is weather proofed so now you can plan biking down the beautiful mountain trail for hours or camping in the countryside without worrying about the elements. A unisex design means even women can use this stylish backpack as a fashion accessory with their daily outfits.

    Unisex Laptop Backpack - A Must Have For Any Bag Lovers!

    The laptop bag comes with a built-in internal cable, headphone jack and a USB port. Travel bloggers who constantly keep updating their fans about their escapades will not have to worry about charging their laptops even in the remotest of place.

    This is not your regular backpack but additional care has been taken to keep your laptop in prime condition as you challenge yourselves this New Year with more daring travel trips and plans.

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