Packing light is the norm of the age and this will seem easy only if you know which bag to trust your belongings with. There are various types of travel bags in the market that serve a different purpose altogether. Investing in the right travel luggage will ensure that you have a comfortable and safe journey. In case you are still confused, we have compiled a list of the most popular travel bags for quick reference before you go bag hunting.

  1. Spinner Luggage

The four rollers are the bottom of a bulky suitcase has made it popular among the tourists and the frequent flyers. No wonder you can spin your way through the baggage check line quickly at the airport. It has maximum built in space and can be pulled along anywhere, hence the roller suitcases have become the zest of the nomads.



  1. Wheeled Backpacks

For those who want the comfort of a small daypack without straining the back may find solace in these compact backpacks with wheels. They are available in regular size or maybe even larger and come with spacious pockets. Solo travellers who believe in living out of their suitcases will find these backpacks handy as they are akin to a large valise. So pack your digital diaries and electronics as well as clothes for a long trip around the oceans.


  1. Weekenders

Having a fun weekend at the wooden cabin? Travelling for a business cum pleasure trip over the weekend? Going on a road trip? Then these boxed wonders made out of nylon, robust cloth or vintage leather will suffice for your travel needs. They have a modish exterior that remains stiff with re-enforced stitching. The bag is weatherproof and plenty of inside pockets to store everything from apparels, basic needs to laptops.



  1. Duffle bags

Essentially used as gym bags these are widely used by sportsmen and the army. Their tough look has made them jump into the mainstream travel catalogues exclusively for men. These travel bags come in a string of various shapes and sizes. Not equipped with too many internal pockets, they are best suited as day bags for outfits and accessories only. For electronic items, they cannot be identified as best bets. The leather is a predominant fabric for these sturdy cylindrical bags. Their detachable wide single shoulder strap allows it to be utilized as a shoulder sling purse.


  1. Travel Tote

For ladies who cannot part with their favourite tote styled bags, these provide an easy alternative. A single wide compartment with smaller pockets to fit in items like wallet, phone, passport and jewellery. It has just enough space for clothes and one pair of shoes, but not ideal for laptops.



  1. Adventure Rucksacks

For cyclists, riders and hikers who seek the thrill of adventure there is the all-weather, backpacks that can be carried along with ease. Riding continuously or climbing mountain tops and rough terrains non-stop can cause major strain to the back. To avert this scenario the bags come with breathable, adjustable wide straps on the shoulder and harness belts for the chest. This spreads the weight evenly; there are likewise plenty of zippers on the outside for storage and fast access of belongings.

Since we have covered all the major types of bags for travellers, we would like to share that ToCode bags are tailored for a nomadic living. They come in backpacks, daypacks, rucksacks and leather messenger bags style. Plenty of options for the daily commuter, students, business-minded and the adventure seekers. Also, these bags have modern day features like password protected locks, external USB port for charging, large separate padded pockets for laptops and anti-theft material built for increased protection. They are well priced for the budgeted traveller but there is no compromise on style. These bags are made to rock!

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