When you are a digital nomad and love the life of beautiful winding treks and trails the only thing that you carry is a lightweight, functional hiking backpack. It has room for all your modern digital gear and also keep your essentials reachable without the accumulation of overkill.

For the ones who have decided to take an early retirement or merely escape the madness of the city with a boating or fishing trip, a durable backpack with reinforced seams is the ideal bet. No amount how much you wander into the ocean it will keep your belongings safe from sudden wet spells or wave spray’s on the deck.

Travel the World in This Season with Your Best Companion - A Backpack

Then there are the romantic couples who love to take short vacations to exotic spots for sight seeing. For them there should be a classic and stylish version of backpack that is snug enough to tote about all day. For the hustlers who commute daily a long-lasting backpack that is also sleek enough for business trips is a must. It should have several pockets and a padded laptop sleeve to keep everything safeguarded and organized.

Travel the World in This Season with Your Best Companion - A Backpack

Tocode travel bags are visually stunning with smooth ergonomic. They are super weightless when it comes to tagging along the airport, they can be mounted on to the luggage trolleys for a smooth transition. The extra padded shoulders come in handy when you have to travel a long journey. They leave no sweaty clothes as the back exterior is made out of highly ventilation material. You do not have to worry about airing your belongings while travel or be anxious and loose sleep over a wet backpack. Tocode lifestyle backpacks are made of water-tight, high quality fabric that can withstand any weather condition.

Travel the World in This Season with Your Best Companion - A Backpack

These trendy shoulder backpacks come with a superior technology, they have built in USB port and cable that can be attached to your power bank. So now you stay connected even while paddling through a thick canopy of jungle in the Amazons. You can also watch movies and listen to music while on the move. Boredom does not hit hard with these hi-tech travel companions. The secret pockets and anti-slash exterior keep it rock solid safe from burglars.

Experience travel like never before with these stylish travel bags from Tocode. From organizational freaks to savvy polished travelers there is something for everyone. Swing in by the site and choose the one that fits your needs, we promise never to disappoint.


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