More frequent travelers across Europe prefer to carry messenger bags as compared to totes and backpacks. The reasons they give are legit –

a) Messenger bags are more secure since you can place them across your shoulder like cross body bags.

b) Can keep a better eye on the contents by swinging it in front of the body and keeping a hand on its bottom as rest.

c) The contents can be removed easily without removing the bag from the shoulder.

d) Less bulkier and can be carried into the plane compartment as a personal item.

It is increasingly getting popular among men and women for being the millennial purse, large enough to carry many items but also chic and compact in style. Tocode has come up with a unique collection of leather messenger bags that come right in the budget and offer spacious features like any other high-end bag.

Tocode Smart Messenger Bags - Costs Less and Offers More

Why do travelers feel messenger bags are the star of any trip?

Lot of them have experienced that it is easier to get at stuff organized and picked out of a messenger bag than a backpack. The outside zippered compartment comes in handy at the airport, you can store your passport and boarding pass in there. For a day out, usually the Travel card can be kept safely in the outside pocket. The leather pocket at the back can handle a small map, camera, and guidebook.

Tocode Smart Messenger Bags - Costs Less and Offers More

In case you commute by the tube daily you will not have to face the inconvenience of removing your messenger bag before sitting. The vintage leather can hold up in a downpour due to its make from wax canvas. Messenger bags also match with your outfits be it formal or casual. Messenger bags can hold plenty of stuff for a short trip like hiking or camping too.

Tocode Smart Messenger Bags - Costs Less and Offers More

They can cover your hat, gloves, scarf. The front pockets can hold camera, extra battery, tiny wallet, and credit cards. The extra flap over them come with secure magnetic strips and buckles to make it theft-proof.

They can also hold a small or medium sized bottle of water and a travel umbrella. Some of the messenger bags are even equipped to carry your laptop which makes staying connected easy while on a journey.

Tocode Smart Messenger Bags - Costs Less and Offers More

Tocode messenger bags have all the above features for a comfortable trip. Hurry up! And take note of the extra 40% discount during this holiday season on all its purchases with the code "TOCODE40". Make sure to take advantage of this grand theft like sale and build a vintage collection with Tocode leather messenger bags.

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