Whenever buying a cool rucksack for your travel make sure to wear one around your shoulders and walk around for a while to get a feel of it, just like how you buy a new pair of shoes and you try it on for the first time. Be practical to choose as you have to spend a great deal of time with your rucksack. It is wise not to choose a top loading model and go for a backpack that has multiple pockets and zips for opening. Tocode has come up with an excellent minimal design for luxurious travel – the Gray Concept Travel Bag. This is currently on an exclusive 50% off deal for the holiday season.

Tocode Rucksack Business Bag- For Those Who Want to Carry More!

Tocode Precisely gives the best Travel Companion:

This Scandinavian styled model rucksack comes in a gray toned water proof material. If you’re planning on hitchhiking journey which will involve some adventurous trekking then this backpack has enough space for an avid fun seeker. It adds up with a front zipped compartment, two sacs on the side for accessing quick documents, valuables, as good as the front stretching pouch can be utilized to keep spare clothing or shoes. This trendy rucksack has flexible back padding and straps which allow free movement and balance the weight evenly, even when the backpack is brimming with items. A unisex rucksack for unplanned travels and a great all-rounder.

Tocode Rucksack Business Bag- For Those Who Want to Carry More!

The stand-out feature of this backpack is the USB charging port which ensures connectivity for all your electronic gears while on flight. The lockable zips, keep the bag confined from transit damage and protected from intrusion. This lightweight pack is versatile to have access points from the top and bottom, which means you don’t have to pry open every time you need to find an important essential.

Tocode Rucksack Business Bag- For Those Who Want to Carry More!

Even if you get caught in a sudden downpour the durable nylon fabric ensures to keep your belongings dry. Extra padding in the interiors provides scratch proof protection for your 17’’ inch laptop and the MacBook. The other tightly sewn 18 different pockets hold the fort while you business travel along the continent. This rucksack is stylishly tested to stand out while being strapped onto the rest of the luggage. It’s petite enough to get away with as a fashionable hand kit which is ideal if you’re looking to save time and money.

Tocode Rucksack Business Bag- For Those Who Want to Carry More!

The modifiable back strap arrangement really helps aeration so you don’t get too sweaty while doing strenuous activities like hiking, rock climbing, and trekking. While for any formal business setting, it can be your go pro backpack for daily commute.

A lifestyle hack for the modern entrepreneur, student, or the chic woman in town this Tocode gray rucksack is winner all the way.

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