Possibly the most relevant question for any traveler these days is - whether to carry a laptop on a trip? Being lightweight is the key for long-term travelers and hence packing a little less of the gadgets will never force you to go offline on your trip. Since most of the time modern travelers use a smart phone it becomes a genuine question - which is most reliable travel bag to carry a laptop?

If you are starting off as a travel blogger then it becomes imperative to pack your laptop. Also, if you do freelancing gigs on the move then it is an absolute must. Students already know that being a digital nomad is the way to their freedom for submitting assignments and course papers on the move.

Tocode Lambert Laptop Backpack - Reliable and Built to Last

For the entrepreneurs you practically cannot live without one as it’s your source of office presentations and working on those quick emails while commuting. Even if you are the regular traveler who packs off for the weekend you still need a laptop to watch Netflix or access directions in remote areas with a dongle Wi-Fi.

So now that we have established the connection between the laptop and the traveler we know that the Tocode Lambert Laptop backpack is built for such occasions.

Tocode Lambert Laptop Backpack - Reliable and Built to Last

For the budgeted traveler safety is the biggest concern, you cannot leave your messenger bag or laptop in some unguarded budget hostels or guesthouse. With this Tocode backpack you can carry it around without feeling the weight due to its padded shoulders and risk from any unfortunate damage to the laptop due to its padded interiors as well. The Lambert Laptop backpack is made exclusively for laptops, the laptop section is elevated from the bottom of the bag, which absorbs the shock when you set your bag down/drop it. It also has secret zippers to store your valuables from picketers’.  

Sometimes it could get a little longer to charge your electronic items while on the move and to save you the embarrassment as well the risk of a draining battery there is the built in USB port with a charging cable. Take benefit from this ultra modern technology and charge your gadgets on the move. Also now you can watch movies and listen to uninterrupted music on the go.

Tocode Lambert Laptop Backpack - Reliable and Built to Last

This is possibly the most ergonomic travel backpack that has several pockets and compartments to fit in all of your essentials. Looks like a compact modern ninja on the outside, but has a spacious interior.

When considering flaunting the perfect laptop backpacks look for the characteristics that define your personal style. Once you have assessed your needs, it is easier to check out the Tocode collection to narrow your search for the faultless laptop backpack for you.

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