Dozens of the workforce crowd are either turning into bikers or cyclists due to the easy commute options to completely avoid being stuck in the middle of a traffic jam situations. Even though the distance from home to office is of mere fractions of seconds the increasing number of commuters is putting a strain on the travel time. Not to mention having the right gear for the short travel has become an absolute must, especially carrying the right kind of travel bag.

ToCode Commute Bag: The "best commuter bag" that's perfect for your Mac

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It’s imperative to set up a plan for this crucial journey of the day. Once you have decided to travel by bike, cycle, or a train the subsequent most essential piece of kit to regard is a laptop or messenger bag. This stylish piece de resistance will have to hold together all of your essentials be it the mobile phone, your MacBook, notebooks, spare clothing, your favourite snacks, water bottle, umbrella, and other small knick-knacks. All of it must be well organized, dually comfortable, water resistant and modishly in sync with your wardrobe. By default your choice for the commuter bag will rest with you for a major percentage of your travels hence choose wisely.

ToCode Commute Bag: The "best commuter bag" that's perfect for your Mac

Keeping all of this in mind Tocode has some amazing deals to offer this Black Friday. Invest in their Harold Travel backpack, the commute Y school bag, or the Vincent Eye leather messenger bag. All of these luxury travel bags are designed to carry anything; the key is elegant and customised interior pockets. These lifestyle bags allow multiple carrying options with comfy shoulder pads and their chic exterior is weather proofed with tough material, making it a rock-solid alternative for your day by day commute.

ToCode Commute Bag: The "best commuter bag" that's perfect for your Mac

Reckless pedestrians and open car doors are some of the usual issues confronted by daily commuters and so is stealing. But Tocode backpacks have it all covered, these attractive looking bags have password locks and magnetized clutches that are very secure during travel. They are also featured with anti-laceration straps, mesh front, burglar-proof zippers, and hidden pockets. These ergonomic backpacks contour and wrap around perfectly as cross-body bags or backpacks lifting off all the extra weight off the shoulders.

The classic padded pockets for a Macbook laptop and tablet make them shock and rupture proof. These bags will stand years of abuse and still be high premium minimalist on style choice.

With plenty of storage these Tocode lifestyle backpacks and leather messenger bags are the ideal fit for the daily urban traveller. Browse through the brand’s ecosystem of products and get some attractive deals from the comfort of your homes this Black Friday sales rush. 

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