Backpacks have a sentimental value, isn’t it? They carry a lot of history and cover considerable geography too when you go on long trips. For any traveller, the first thing in mind when it comes to luggage is safety, durability and capacity. ToCode bags have been delivering contented miles per hour with their collection regarding all of the above criteria.

Talking about their cool urban collection, it is the quality that speaks. These bags are specially made for the metropolitan traveller. The dust and pollution that one faces while commuting via public transport are unexplainable. Add to it the hours of commute, sweat and the danger of items being damaged during the rush hours. ToCode backpacks are built with a tough material that can withstand the weather elements and dust. Their interior has well-padded pockets to carefully safeguard all of your belongings including a laptop. The wide breathable shoulder straps are equipped to carry weight and leave the skin refreshed even during a hot spell. For the riders, the straps have a steel grip which prevents them from sliding. This way you will concentrate on the road ahead and not the backpack behind.

Solo trips can never be easy and neither can wild outdoor escapes. To carry all of the camping gear and basic belongings for a comfortable, adventurous stay there is the ToCode Harold backpack.  Imagine being under the stars with a lit bonfire or gazing at the dancing Northern Lights. Of course, you are going to need some warm clothes and also a smooth camera to capture all of your stunning memories. For this you need plenty of space inside the backpack to carry a laptop, charging gear and also a camera peripheral. The Harold backpack has chest straps that take the weight off your shoulders while riding or biking in the wilderness, they have an external USB charging port, charging cable and waterproof exterior to protect your belongings.

The business world is hectic and hustlers need something that will fit their ambitious goals for them there is the ToCode leather messenger bag collection as well as the business backpacks. Some love the boxed briefcase style for work and others the carefree carriers. Both of these customers will be satisfied with the finer nuances of ToCode travel bags. They are built for exterior and interior comfort. The rugged leather shoulder bag can be passed down for generations. They have a burly buckle system that opens up the front seamlessly, they can also be strapped on to the baggage trolley while moving from place to place. The strap is also detachable so that it appears like a modish suitcase.

All of the business backpacks come with exterior USB ports and headphone jacks. Modernity meets functionality is the case of these travel bags. Moreover, the excellent edge over other backpacks in the market is the budgeted price. All of the backpacks are valued below $100 making them convenient and affordable for travellers.

ToCode has the masses agreeing on one fact – They are the best backpacks of 2019.


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