Is your once-so-fancy bag is now victim of gradual discoloration and is making you cringe while taking it out? Well, be it plastic, fabric or leather, the fancy bags are like indispensable accessories for both men and women when they go out for a vacation, for casual outing or even for work. When you invest on high quality materials, they also cost you a fortune but how long can you use them?

Their longevity might not get hindered at great extent if the material is great but after you have taken them out for quite some years, everyone around you might have tagged it as your signature bag.

Tired of All of Those Boring Fancy Bags From - Try Tocode Bags!

To put it simple, even your very favorite fancy bag or backpack can get boring over time because there will be nothing unique or newness in your accessory –you might carry the more or less the same items inside and team it up with almost the same type of clothes you always wear.

But, no more whining about your old boring fancy bag as old designs are meant to be replaced with the latest trend and Tocode makes sure that you get your desired unique quotient in your overall look with the bag or backpack.   

Cool Backpacks For Work

Tired of All of Those Boring Fancy Bags From - Try Tocode Bags!

If you are going out for daily work or for your regular field survey, carrying your photographic gear or going for a short hiking trip with your friends, the laptop backpack and daypack will be great choice. The sleek Grand Canyon Laptop Backpacks come with padded compartment for laptops of maximum 15.6 inches along with various main, functional and anti-theft compartments.

The Camel Wisdom Daypack can hold 17 inch laptop along with various items in two main and fifteen functional pockets. The USB ports are there to help you charge your devices while the adjustable straps offer comfort from carrying the backpack made of tear-free waterproof fabric.

Check Out Leather Shoulder Messenger Bags

Tired of All of Those Boring Fancy Bags From - Try Tocode Bags!

Team up with cool and wild leather pattern on the messenger bags of Tocode which are built from sturdy Polyurethane leather to keep water and damage from abrasion away. The strong buckles, reinforced stitching and smooth zipper not only give you convenience but also keep the belongings inside the messenger bag safe. All the bags are reinforced with padded shock proof laptop compartments.

While Vincent’s Eyes Leather Messenger Bag has four inner pockets along with back pockets, the Gemini Leather Messenger Bag has main secure compartment, two inner, two middle and two front compartments in addition to a back pocket. To keep 14 inch laptops you can use Classic Oakley Leather Shoulder Bag and for 15.6 inch laptop, Cross Twins Leather Shoulder Bag will be great choice.

Outdoor Travel Backpacks Can Be Fancy-Looking

Tired of All of Those Boring Fancy Bags From - Try Tocode Bags!

The best bag for traveling with lots of luggage will be Tocode’s Harold Travel Backpack which is special for its multi-paneled breathable airflow design on the padded backside so that you never feel fatigued by carrying it. The elastic pad and ergonomic buckle offer great comfort for this 35L bag with USB charging port and padded laptop compartment.

So, when are you getting your choice of fancy bag from Tocode? Be it work or study, vacation or hangout –the bags are sturdy and fashionable at the same time.

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