You really need to be super rich and own a private jet to afford all of the baggage carrying fancy outfits for every evening while on vacation. For the average traveller, it is next to impossible to carry every item on their wish list. Airlines have switched to strict rules when it comes to even load daypacks. For men, it’s easy to fit minimal essentials, but for a female traveller, it’s a challenge on what belongings to leave and what to pack. We have a few practical suggestions when it comes to travelling light.


  1. Smart Versatile Clothing

Your backpack is not a humongous tour item that will fit in your whole wardrobe. Stick to packing clothes which have versatile use. 2 pair of jeans, one jacket, 2-3 clean t-shirts/shirts/blouse, 3-4 socks, a microfiber towel and a multipurpose scarf.  All of these can be used on manifold occasions. If its summer carries just one swimwear, 2-3 sundress. While in winter thermal wear will do the trick instead of carrying bulky knitwear. You need not to pack ‘if I may need’ clothes since it will just make the bag bulky. If possible use slim packing cubes, roll over the clothes for more storage space. For shoes, pack just one extra pair in a neat plastic bag to avoid soiling the inner compartments of the bag.


  1. Water-proof small bags

All of the toiletries and miscellaneous items must be packed in separate water-proof pouches to avoid spilling. Electronic gear like charges and adaptors can neatly be packed into small bags to avoid tangling. This will ensure more side space and improve the organized area. In modern times you need not to pack an array of toiletries since you always get it in the hotels.


  1. Travel Cheap

If you are a blogger or frequent flyer than carrying a laptop which is less expensive will keep it from getting stolen. Do not carry fancy items that attract attention and also increase the backpack overall weight. It is wise to pay with credit or debit cards while on the move than flaunting large ward of cash. Also, you won’t have currency conversion problems while using internet banking. You can also freeze your card if stolen thus saving you all the trouble.


  1. A minimalist approach

Backpacks are made for immediate travel needs and keeping a minimalist approach will make your tour hassle free. The joy of carrying less can be mastered by changing the outlook towards travelling.

ToCode has wonderful soft-sided backpacks constructed from hi-end fabric that is longlasting. They can settle down to a minimal size while being compressed with items and never break under pressure. With adjustable straps, they can be easily wheeled around with other larger luggage. If appearances do count, then these trend-setting cases come with all the modern features. Once again light travel does not mean how big your bag is rather it means what you truly need to carry for a trip. And ToCode backpacks are the most stylish, succinct, well-designed travel bags that can contentedly fit even into an aircraft overhead bin.

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