You will consider hauling your entire mountain and camping gear in an all-weather backpack for that romantic trip in the wilderness. But believe us even the common commuter carries more than the normal body weight on a daily basis. How much do we load in a backpack these days? Earlier there were bulky briefcases for office files and stationery. Now including these, we also pack a 16-inch laptop, iPad, notebooks, mobile, wallet, a series of credit cards, visiting cards, clothes, a pair of shoes and even snacks. Trust us these items are herded into shoulder bags for a day spent slogging in air-conditioned offices and then sweating it out on public transportations.

So what is the best criterion for investing in an ideal functional rucksack?

  1. Never mind the price

It is considered a win situation to loosen those purse strings and chose a robust backpack that will gel with you for ages. Going for cheap quality backpacks will be like a temporary solution. Quality is better than quantity as always. A branded bag in the wardrobe makes all the difference when it comes to travelling in style.

  1. Weight capacity

Your eye may catch the pop of colour in the corner, the funky design attributes and the flimsy zippers that match with the latest fashion. But will the bag withstand the assault of bulky items once you use it on a regular basis? Make sure to check the capacity, quality by filling the potential backpack with items, if it is already bursting at the seams, it’s time to ditch that disco make travel bag and go for the neutral coloured backpack instead.

  1. Comfort and frame

Does it have padded interior pockets? Extra zippers on the sides, back and front? Is the material made out of high resistant nylon fabric that can shield the items from weather? Are the zippers lock provided and password protected? Do the straps have wider dimensions? Are there extra chest straps for flexibility? Do the straps adjust according to bulk and are they detachable while putting them on trolleys? Some important questions to be considered while choosing your ideal backpack. Also, the maker needs to be breathable to avoid sweaty backs while riding and cycling. The straps must have steel grip and skid-proof, the material must be theft proof too.

  1. Personality

Finally, it all boils down to the kind of personality one possesses. You could want a casual backpack as you are an artist, a school/college backpack, a professional looking leather messenger bag, a shoulder bag, a day-bag etc. It all depends on what kind of trip you are willing to take and what type of packing you will undertake for the same. Whatever may be the desire to own a backpack make sure you invest in a travel bag that fulfils long term goals.

ToCode backpacks are ideally made for every kind of customer in the market. They are equipped with additional modern features that fall into the attractive category of budget-friendly chic backpacks. Before you make the hasty decision of picking up the latest trend in the bag section make sure to tick all the above features. You can always check-out from the ToCode counter with attractive discounts and avail satisfied results in the end.

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