Did you know most women save for months just to get their hands on a designer bag? And some are so obsessed with these high-end bags that they end up breaking the bank. So why is it that consumers believe in crash buying when it comes to stocking up luxury items? It is all about the logo or the brand name. A status symbol for many bags defines who they are. But ask yourself’s a question do these expensive bags serve the purpose for the daily commute or frequent travel? No, right?

The average budgeted traveller chooses comfort over price and practicality over luxury. Then how do we spend money on travel luxuries? By investing in brands like ToCode. Travel bags that are chic and affordable are a win-win for regular flyers. These shoulder bags are made of weather-proof material, come with seamless stitches, make sure that all of your belongings are password protected and light-weight on the shoulders. Ensuring a smooth and voguish journey these backpacks come in neutral colours of black and grey. This adds to the fact that you will remain incognito in new terrains. This will not attract the attention of potential thieves and bag snatchers.
Imagine carrying a separate padded bag for your laptop alone? Not possible when you have to jostle your way through crowded streets, bazaars and public transport. Not only the laptop will be a soft target for thieves, but also considerable damage might be done due to dust, weather and unforeseen impacts. Hence, investing in any of the ToCode laptop backpacks will guarantee a large cushioned pocket only made for laptops. It is secured with a strong buckle that keeps it in place even during bumpy rides.

Next time you will breeze through the customs at the airport with these backpacks. The shoulder straps can be put on to luggage trolleys and pushed on. Created specifically with backpackers on mind these backpacks are made to last through tough situations. Even while you are trekking on dodgy terrains, risky camping sites and forgotten jungles. They are suited to carry an umbrella, torch, camping gear, electronic items like camera and change of clothes.
It is worthwhile to cash in on an item that delivers, proves its dexterity and is crafted to look every inch like a superior briefcase. The ToCode leather messenger bags are in large demand due to their modern and vintage features. They are made to impress business professionals who choose to walk around displaying their pride through a shoulder bag. The polished leather buckles and strong zippers ensure added protection. Exterior pockets give easy access to items such as travel documents, sunglasses and other daily items. They do not look decorative like the high-end brands but have tonnes of space to pack for a whole weekend.
These uncomplicated yet classy pieces will complement any travel outfit that your sport on your trip. An epitome of timeless style they are on par with other brands out in the market. While you think about spending your money on momentous luxury think about ToCode! Because they are paramount of functionality and fashion.

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