Getting anything under $100 is like a bonus these days, with so many brands in the market competition is tough. When it comes to owning a designer bag people always like to loosen their purse strings a bit. Especially the female consumer’s who are more into the ramp walk related trends. But do these expensive totes, handbags, travel bags and backpacks by haute couture brands serve the purpose? Agreed that they look and feel stylish with their monogrammed design and pop art colours but when it comes to functionality they can be only carried as red carpet delights. What about the daily consumers who face grime, dust and rough handling with their bags? How do they protect their laptops from thefts and belongings from getting damaged?

The answer is simple: By investing in a versatile piece of luggage that will tick all the boxes when it comes to style and performance. ToCode has an excellent collection of unisex bags that are strategically priced below $100. They are the best option when it comes to gifting someone with a lifetime travel companion. You can even buy a set of a backpack, day bag, leather messenger bag and travel bag for your whole family.

Especially when the school season approaches and you need to invest in new backpacks for your kids ToCode is the trusted choice. Even for your under-graduates who are nesting away from home and starting a new life in the college corridors. These are equipped to carry a 15’’ inch laptop in separate padded pocket, several deep pockets allow notebooks, extra space for gym clothes or lab coat, stationery and files. Smaller pockets are meant for wallet and other daily necessities. The backpacks are weatherproof and safe from thugs due to password protected zipper.

The unisex appeal of the professionally inclined leather messenger bags and backpacks by ToCode makes them popular among the sexes. Women can forge a new identity with this vintage suitcase like leather satchels. You can store your makeup kit along with your iPad to feature the progress of a working woman. Men too will pride over the vintage waxed canvas finish of these sling bags and marvel over the deep compartments within. The business class backpacks are equipped to be a travel companion for frequent flyers. They come with detachable trolley fixers, which means less hassle during transit at the airport. You can also store them overheard inside the cabin. Travelling light is the key to avoid bulky baggage situations and quick movement.

Maybe the millennial’s understand the need for comfort over supreme sophistication. Hence they prefer to put their safe bet on backpacks that can even charge their phones with an external USB port. A backpack under $100 is not a cheap product but its a sign of renewed value for a better service. ToCode urges you to create your own unique label with their chic backpacks while you jet set your way across the world creating your own identity.

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