You are probably quick to choose the kind of luggage that you will carry for the trip. You have planned out your itinerary for the day and are ready to go. But there are some practically easy tips which you can follow for a happy journey. We suggest that you make a swift check through these travel guidelines and enjoy smart travel features.

1. A clean bag

How many times have you carried the same bag around? Possible that it has become one of your favourite travel bags and you do not wish to part with it. But in order to avoid keeping your items and belongings smelling musty, you must clean the backpack after every trip. First, remove all the rubble and clean the backpack with a hygienic soft disinfecting wipe. Then give your backpack a quick wash with a mild white vinegar detergent and air dry it. To keep it smelling fresh mist your bag with a spray of essential oils like tea tree or lavender. 

2. Repair

Before even loading your bag make sure that all the zippers are in working condition. You do not want to deal with faulty zippers once on the road. Repair any damages that are done and make sure that your backpack can still withstand rough weather.

3. Roll the clothes

For extra space roll the clothing items in the bag, this will leave plenty of space on the sides for items like shoes, books and water bottle.

4. Plan

Planning is important whether you are off for a day or weekend. The size of the bag to be carried is determined by the trip initiated. Large luggage with a day bag is necessary for long duration trips, for a professional trip, a leather messenger bag is, ideal, for a short day trip or weekend a sturdy backpack is a proper choice.

5. Organize

Although the backpacks come with multi-pockets you can always organize smaller items in ziplock bags to avoid any kind of spill. Carry a clean plastic bag in the outer pocket of your bag to put all your dirty clothes to avoid the bag to get smelly or wet.

6. Avoid Toploader

A top loading bag is a nuisance when you want to quickly remove an item. Instead of spilling the contents of your bag all over for a single item go for a bag that opens up easily. Also, multiple pockets on the outside and secret pockets on the inside will allow you to carry all of your precious items like cash, wallets and documents safely.

7. Never pack ‘just in case items’

To leave some space for souvenirs and local items that you will purchase while sight-seeing never overloads the bag with useless items that you feel are right. You do not need an umbrella or a raincoat while going to a tropical place. You might indulge in some more shopping if you stop carrying unnecessary items.

8. Avoid Stains

Either pack your light coloured clothes inside out to avoid unforeseen stains on them. And use shower caps or light plastic bag to cover up your shoes while packing them inside a backpack to avoid stains.

9. Invest in a weigh scale

To make sure that you have packed according to the airline regulations you can invest in a weigh scale to avoid carrying over the top luggage.

10. Distinguish the bag

Make your bag unique to make it eligible to spot it quickly from any angle. Add bright stickers or shoelaces to the closed zippers. Or some backpacks come with reflective bars that glow in the dark to make them easily recognizable.

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