Have you ever faced a scenario where your man wants to keep all of his belongings in your bag because he practically prefers to travel empty handed? We bet it’s like an already seen every time you two travel. It’s time you end that extra baggage suffering and gift him a ToCode leather messenger bag, he will be delighted to own a rustic piece of leather as his very own man purse. Make this Valentine’s Day special with a masterpiece that will fit in all of his hobbies and also be a prized possession in his collection.

Why do men need a man purse?

Now you will argue that men don’t need to carry such huge travel bags. Trust us girls; men love to groom themselves more than you do. He is more conscious of his looks and style than any other fashion diva. A tough looking briefcase is not what he would wish to carry, but a sleek laptop sized leather messenger bag is exactly what he is looking for. He wishes to carry all his beloved electronic gear with him on the move. Same goes for his secret grooming kit well stashed in the back pocket of the messenger bag.

To stay on top of the business, a game it is obvious that he will carry a newspaper or at least an iPad to read along the road. Magazines are also a forte for the ones who keep checking out the current trends of the fashion world. Then there are the basic stationary, charges, mobile, wallet, some credit cards and extra cash.

ToCode leather bags are designed for safety with reinforced buckles, exterior stitches and waxed canvas that keeps them weatherproof. Longer and wider straps ensure that the shoulders do not bear the burden. Padded interiors make them shock-proof and minimalize any external damage. Comfortable and spacious inner pockets provide extra space for miscellaneous items. They come in muted tones of black, grey and brown that match well with men’s wardrobe style. A handy travel bag that can be carried for quick getaways and daily office commute.

If your partner is not into the machismo of leather bags, then gift them any of the ToCode backpacks. These modern daypacks have large interiors and chic exterior. Built for the rider who loves to drive to his workspace or the budgeted commuter who spends hours on public transport. They are sturdy and built to protect with password locks and slide fasteners. Come with built-in charger, headphone jack and an external USB port so now he can stay online playing video games while on long-duration flights.

Even if you are the one who believes in last minute cheap shopping, pick these Valentine worthy bags as they are coming at a whopping 70% off. All the more reason to fall in love with these lifestyle bags. Gift a bag to your man because who knows he might whisk you away for a surprise trip soon!

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