Fashion meets tech is probably the sleekest combination for any individual who loves to travel in style and also stay connected with the world at the same time. The new age travellers are buying into the idea of being available online 24x7, the result of a tangled mess of wires and electronic gadgets inside the luggage. And there have been instances where you forget your charger or other electronic items back at the hotel while checking out. This creates panic and major privacy issues. To avoid such mishaps during stay all one needs is a chic reliable travel bag that combines as a daypack for all the voltaic gear.

ToCode has been pioneering stylish laptop bags for the regular voyager as well as the organizational pro’s. It is guaranteed that nothing ever gets bent or broken and its interiors are sorted out every inch for particular items.

  1. Grand Canyon Laptop Backpack

It ticks all the boxes for being one of the best business travel luggage pieces. It features a lightweight exterior, a spacious interior with a separate padded compartment for a laptop. The awesomeness doesn’t just stop there, it is made out of waterproof nylon fabric, Anti-theft secret pockets and broad adjustable shoulder straps that can be mounted onto the luggage trolley. These features are genius in their minimalism.

Our Verdict: Unlike most carry on backpacks for business travel it has a massive compartment for clothes and shoes, the Grand Canyon Laptop backpack has well-positioned side and interior pockets for trouble-free access to significant things like documents or phones. It is comfortable for long distance and day travel. An additional feature like a built-in charging cable and an external USB port makes charging easier while on the go. It’s one of a kind travel bag for business, students and women as well.

  1. Lambert Laptop Bag

Perfect compact companion for those unruly business trips that require changing two or more flights in a single day, the Lambert Laptop backpack is, relevant to its namesake, a solid travel gear bag.

Our Verdict: Custom made for people who pack neat, as it contentedly fits a laptop, tablet, more than a few notebooks, and a set of clothes or two. In addition, its revolutionary pocket design maximizes breathing space and allows you to ergonomically carry it around, very much like your private piece of belonging while your outsized add-on baggage is stored in the overhead bin during the flight.

  1. Classic Oakley Shoulder Bag 

The most versatile piece of any journey is a leather shoulder bag, and the paramount featured rugged vintage travel bag cannot get better than this. It talks about sophistication meeting practical standards.

Our Verdict: On the inside, the Classic Oakley has a substantial, thick foam-lined sleeve that can carry laptops up to 14 inches. Additionally, there is a back pocket and extra pockets in the interior to shelter other vulnerable items independently. On the outside, there is strong magnetic buckle clasp to hold the shoulder bag as a briefcase as well. Detachable shoulder pads, water-resistant raw leather and modish brown colour. It can be dutiful as a man-purse or sling around like a lady-purse – a one of kind luggage piece that can do it all!

To summarize ToCode is an inexpensive brand for your tasteful laptop bag needs. As we can agree it has the best travel bags for men and women.

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