Whether you are fun dressing or having a power play tussle you always need to pair an equivalent backpack with your look. There is always the eternal struggle of what to wear every morning. Sometimes choosing an outfit is easy peasy but accessories that match is a big challenge. How do you wear stylish attire without sacrificing on the choice of a cool backpack?

Investing in a ToCode backpack is a smart decision as they are made for fun loving and career-minded adults. We have some practical guide on various trendy daypacks that can be well coordinated with any occasion.


  1. Fun and quirky

You are invited to an exciting party where you will be seen in relaxed casuals, bright colours and prints. Maybe you will make a quick change in the public washroom after office hours to hit the town with your gang. Then you will need a backpack that can carry an extra ensemble for the perfect night out. Plus, you have the makeup kit and other accessories suitably tucked in the back pockets of your shoulder bag. Thus making the backpack bulky, fret not ToCode has it all covered. It has separate zippers and compartments for carrying a laptop and clothes. Mesh pockets within to store all of your small items and sturdy design to hold everything in place. You do not have to worry about the rough handling or putting them on the floor while clubbing. The padded space ensures that your electronic gear remains to crack free. Still paranoid about your belongings being stolen, then they are equipped with password lock zippers. Don’t mind the drink being spilt on the surface you can get it cleaned in a jiffy and also the exterior is water-proof.

So now whether you plan to shimmer in a short LBD or wavy skirt and silk blouse these free-spirited backpacks won’t make you look out of place.


  1. Dressing for Success

You want to look sharp and focused on the business agreement or impressing investors for your startup, then these budgeted backpacks will seal the deal. Whether you choose to wear a blazer, suit, formal pencil skirt and top or muted tone shirt and pants. ToCode business backpacks with their superior make and basic colours of black, grey and brown provide the extra boost to your official outfit. The compact shape and size come with a spacious interior to store notebooks, pen, folders, important documents and a laptop. Never stay out of touch with your colleagues or work on improving the presentation while on the move with the help of an external USB charging port.

Create your own style around the backpack you are about to choose for the day. ToCode has a wide range of lifestyle bags that offer a laidback mode yet notch up your personal style. Their unisex appeal and utilitarian approach make these bags a chic on-the-go accessory for any elegant silhouette. Grooming yourself will no more be a chore, you will look forward to waking up in the morning and play mix-match with these bags while getting dressed.

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