Weekends are getting busier these days since most of us prefer to take a short trip away from the limelight of the city. While we plan this getaway, there is also an equal amount of packing to be done. Depending on the days we like to spend in the wilderness, beach or simply at a long distance location, our travel bag must be a smart carrier. Smart backpacks are the favourite of the season, these can balance the bulk and perform extraordinary duties to keep one safe.

  1. Cycling & Bike Riding

A steel grip while riding is necessary so that the backpack does not slip and cause damage to the rider as well as the contents. Wide breathable shoulder straps and mesh exterior for easy passage of airflow while riding is compatible. Backpacks these days have an LED display on the exterior to indicate directions while driving in the dark. Night vision strips are also enabled on the exterior to indicate the presence of riders while cruising during the night. This avoids road mishaps. All weather shoulder bags are a hit with daily commuters, anti-theft features are also a big selling point.



  1. Beach

As you enhance your tan on the beach there is a possibility that your backpack can get dirty with sand particles. A sturdy dust proof body with padded interior pockets makes them damage and shockproof. Also, if you are planning to spend the majority of your time on board a yacht, then a water-resistant exterior works like a protective shield for your electronic components.

  1. School & Office

Daily commuters on a public mode of transport constitute a majority of the population these days. To be able to carry the bag for a long duration while travel it is imperative that it must be designed with ergonomic precision. The colour must be in neutral black and grey shades to avoid the display of stains and filth. An external USB port with charging cable suffices and compensates for being stuck in the traffic. It also permits one to be connected to the world 24x7, work on office projects from remote locations and complete assignments while on the move.



ToCode is known to build multi-functional backpacks for an array of situations. These are micro fitted with excellent zippers and a tough exterior to combat aggression. They can withstand the wear and tear of environmental conditions. Fit most of your luggage into spacious compartments and even carry a bulk of your electronic equipment with ease. While planning your next luxurious weekend make sure to check out with one of the shoulder bags from ToCode’s collection. We promise you won’t be disappointed, in fact, you will be recommending these backpacks to your loved ones too.

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