Classic leather messenger bags are made for men, but now even women are ditching their tiny purses for this durable travel bag. These chic structured vintage shoulder bags have a clean look and go well with any lady-like outfit. Operated with magnetic closures it’s almost bye! Bye! for the buckle culture which was difficult to manage. You won’t find a handsome black edition Tocode Vincent’s Eye Leather Messenger bag anywhere else. An innovative work bag that has extra pockets to keep even extra set of clothes, shoes, and makeup safe for the daily commuting woman who is ambitious in many ways.

Tocode Leather Messengesr Bag a Women’s Best Friend:

Sleek Laptop Messenger Bag for Stylish Women on the Go

Beautifully designed front made out of waxed water proof leather, this lifestyle messenger bag comes in a neutral grained tone. Its spacious silhouette within can carry tonnes of practical items for the modern woman who is always on the go. Handy even for young mothers who don’t have to deal with dangling tote bags while calming their cranky babies. Everything from a water bottle to diapers will fit like snug in this travel-friendly messenger bag.

Sleek Laptop Messenger Bag for Stylish Women on the Go

The shoulder strap is cushy and takes off all the weight, it can be worn out in cross body style which also looks stylishly professional. For the young travel blogger or budding fashionista it will perfectly carry maps, sunglasses, extra face napkins, makeup, camera gear, and a laptop. It will keep things organized whether you are running to the airport or sashaying between fashion shows.  

Sleek Laptop Messenger Bag for Stylish Women on the Go

For the gothic chic artist it has a cool rock-n-roll vibe, maybe you can embellish the front with silver studs or sequins to give it a personal artistic vibe. As far as fashion accessories go you cannot go wrong with leather because they smell divine and are attractive. For the girl with gym fetish this large messenger bag can carry all the gym gear along with sneakers and high heels if she is the kinda of girl who hits the gym before attending a business meeting.

Sleek Laptop Messenger Bag for Stylish Women on the Go

You have already spotted trendsetters like Kendall Jenner and Gigi Hadid carrying these types of laptop bags at the airport. While even high profile CEO’s of business start-ups have started opting for chic leather messenger bags as it carries all the necessary files and paperwork with ease, much better than purses or handbags.

Sleek Laptop Messenger Bag for Stylish Women on the Go

The bonus side to have your hands free on the busy streets while holding a cup of coffee, texting on the mobile, or applying those finishing makeup touches. Also during the colder seasons fingers are warm and toasty inside coat pockets or snug inside gloves without having to struggle with the straps of a handbag. Women call it the hands-free freedom movement with these stylish messenger bags.

This athleisure leather messenger bag from Tocode is the ideal ‘It’ bag where fashion meets functionality for daily use. It is a little bit of everything – cool, durable, sophisticated and covetable.

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