It’s the Valentine week and we know you have been frantically scouting around town looking for the perfect gift. The usuals like scented candles and chocolates are basically what you need is a personal touch for a lifetime remembrance. We have the ideal gift choice – Backpacks. The stylish ToCode backpack collection could be an impressive winner in the eyes of your beloved.


Why are backpacks cherished for a lifetime?


  1. Sentimental Value

Wrap up a travel bag with love as it will carry a lot of sentimental value for your beloved. This sweet gesture shows that you know exactly what they need for their travel. Also, it makes a point that you know what suits their personality and you are a keen observer of their little details. You can always monogram a personal message of affection onto the backpack or pen down a heartfelt note to go along with this romantic present.


  1. It's Practical

What is the use of a gift that does not serve the purpose and is easily forgotten in some corner? Backpacks are practical and used for daily commutes as well as long vacations. They hold a special place while travelling together with your partner. Sturdy and chic bags are appreciated the most. Well, no one can resist a new spacious bag that can even carry a laptop.


  1. Celebrating in style

Move out of your gifting comfort zone and avoid to give the same old items every time. A waterproof accessory is a refreshing choice for carrying all of the belongings without worrying about damage. ToCode backpacks are built for generations and have modern technology like headphone jacks, portable USB ports and charging cable. All of this makes them irresistible. Also, they come in delightful trendy designs for any occasion.


  1. Unisex

We bet you land up in a sticky situation while buying several gifts for a large number of your loved ones. Backpacks are a one-stop solution to this dilemma, they can be presented to a male or a female loved one without them getting offended over your selection. ToCode lifestyle bags are equipped to turn into the gym, makeup, camping, glamping, artist and business travel bag all at the same time. They come with so many tempting features that you would want to buy the whole collection in one go.

Don’t worry about breaking your bank this Valentine season because ToCode is offering a 70% discount for it Love season fresh arrivals. Hop on and fill your shopping cart with these exclusive bags before they fly out of the shelves. Whether you are a last minute shopper or a pre-planner ToCode bags will make you and your beloved the new talking point this Valentine. 

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