The famous 60’s phrase Hippie trail meant backpacking solo across the state. This phrase has transcended to a symbolic rite of passage for today’s generation. They are ready to leave their cushy jobs and travel across the world with only their backpacks as their support system. Determined to travel within a set budget and gain first-hand experience of their destinations these unaccompanied travellers are changing the way the travel industry functions. There is one common factor that stands out – the presence of a backpack.

ToCode has the perfect unisex collection of travel bags, they are moulded with fabulous outstation features. And come with exciting deals and discounts so never too heavy on the wallet for the average single traveller. Let’s take a look into some of the best backpacks indispensable by an individual while on a soul searching mission.

It is common knowledge that solo travellers mainly use public transport like train and buses for the commute. Their bags face tougher situations due to being exposed to weather elements often. Also, single travellers prefer to book themselves into cheaper hotels, dormitories and hostels. This makes the safety of the belongings the main concern, especially if they are carrying electronic gear like camera, mobile phone, iPad and laptop. They need to safeguard their travel documents as well, hence this means investing in a tough anti-theft backpack. The stylish dark grey ToCode travel backpack has all of the above features and comes with 35L capacity. It has super huge inner organized pockets for documents and gear. Has an army like tough exterior with reinforced stitches, ergonomic chest buckle, elastic velcro side-pockets, strong password protectable zippers and wide adjustable straps. Also an external USB port for charging mobiles and other devices. Thus ensuring that you never lose track of the location while coordinating your moves on the GPS.

For the ones who are on a short self-discovery trip, the ToCode Unisex laptop backpack is the ideal choice. It covers an additional storage area with large front and back pockets. Has several hidden nooks to keep your wallet and cash. Can completely secure a laptop of 17 inches inside its padded interior and also fit in clothes. Built to long last with its durable water resistant material. Price is unbeatable which makes it even more attractive to purchase among a sea of branded backpacks on Amazon.

Since women are taking up more solo travel trips this backpack completely fits to be in the style files. The smooth cuts and fine design will appeal to female travellers as well. So whether you are day tripping or sightseeing ToCode backpacks never fail to impress.

Backpacking independently is empowering, it is best to figure out which backpack will accompany you on your misadventures at an early stage. This will save time on planning the rest of the trip. Bon Voyage!

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