As a backpacker traveler what is the worst fear that you will ever face? Imagine carrying a suitcase even if it has rollers, nothing will prepare you to face the worst of cobbled street in Europe or the dust of Central Asia or the dense forest of Africa. Now imagine being in a transportation that has your luggage strapped to the roof because it is bulky and you cannot carry it inside and you wishing that it doesn't rain.

The horrors of being a frequent traveler are almost like living in a permanent nightmare. And to ease out this kind of constant stress it is very important to have a durable travel companion. Hence the best bet that you can ever have is investing in a lifetime backpack.

 Tocode backpacks are ever deserving to be your travel mate, luckily there is an exclusive 40% off on all the products from 23rd December to 2nd January. Holiday shoppers can use the code "TOCODE40" to avail this festive discount while checking out. These backpacks are a big bonus for adventure enthusiasts, hikers, campus and the nomadic traveler who love to travel light.

They come with segmented pockets so everything is well organised and you don't have to worry rummaging till the bottom just to find your diary or pen while on the move. The modern and sleek design might fool you from the exterior but they are known to be tough players when it comes to carrying even your laptop.

 The coolest part about these travel bags are that your electronic gear will be safe, your clothes won’t be stinky and you wouldn't have to deal with a watery backpack because Tocode travel bags are made out of water resistant material that is eco-friendly. Their ergonomic design allows your back to be well-padded which means no back pains. They also come with tons of other feature like anti-theft and portable USB ports to keep you connected to the outside world, even if you are in the middle of a desert.

 Better still, these shoulder bags are designed for the kickass women travelers as well. Now you can safely carry your makeup kit, along with items of clothing and your notebook without having to worry about a tote bag slipping from your shoulders. And not to mention the extra space in the interior for all the shopping that you will indulge yourself in while exploring the city or simply shopping for your daily chores.

Forget about the fragile wheeled luggage’s and choose one of Tocode’s customized, durable and well priced travel bags for your next outdoor adventure.



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