Messenger bags have been versatile since ages, did you know that they were used as medic bags during the World War I. Since then they have attained a new lease of life and are being pursued as the ultimate style staple for the new age man. The Tocode PU leather messenger bag resonates to the millennial fashion standards and is the ideal choice for any occasion.

It is a chic investment for a day trip, the treated leather in black looks gentlemanly and has an highly organised crossbody pattern to go with. This premium quality messenger bag is the best option if you need something that is always close to you, and can easily tick off your check list of passport, boarding pass, snacks, laptop, and accessories.

Look Great In Sweats or a Business Suit with a Tocode PU Leather Messenger Bag

All accessible within arms length while boarding. Tocode’s leather laptop bag with its shock proof padding not only protects your computer throughout your travels but also keep it scratch proof. The wide compartments can fit in a few clothes or two for a comfortable weekend stay.

Look Great In Sweats or a Business Suit with a Tocode PU Leather Messenger Bag

For a busy student messenger bags are meant to toss in books, keys, pens, phone, wallet and laptop without splitting the bag at the seams. This leather messenger bag makes for a sturdy companion. This leather, canvas is even water repellent if it gets hurled around during a house party, it can be wiped clean easily. Style this black beauty with a plain jeans and T-Shirt combo on busy mornings when your alarm does not go off and you are pretty much late. It will elevate your style quotient naturally.

Given a more formal setting this PU leather messenger is still a good mate to go with a variety of office attire. It’s large enough for any files you require for work, and its neutral colour compliments any shirt, pant, or suit. Pair it up with some good-looking chinos and a button up shirt for a neat but not exaggeratedly official look, or enhance up the attire by wearing a well-fitted blazer with a pair of lean fit trousers.

Look Great In Sweats or a Business Suit with a Tocode PU Leather Messenger Bag

A no nonsense leather messenger bag with exclusive deals it’s even great as a single day business trip bag as it can be a get go for a few rolled up T-shirts, toiletries and a single pair of denims. Since you can just sling it around your shoulders comfortably they are an excellent choice to carry around the bulk without damaging the shoulders.

Look Great In Sweats or a Business Suit with a Tocode PU Leather Messenger Bag

We expect that after reading this you’ll be more prepared in making the right choice by buying the Tocode leather messenger bag. Trust us when we say you won’t need to ask your mum or your spouse to choose the best leather laptop bag for you anymore. Everything you desire to know is right here, so take your first stride towards a perfect holiday season gift  and invest in this ideal messenger bag for you. 

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