It’s the time of the year when you hunt for gifts in a frenzy and stalk stores and online sites to find the best present for everyone you love. Since the modern generation does not have the luxury to spend hours browsing for presents and obviously no patience to wait in the long queues of angry and desperate Black Friday shoppers. We have the ideal gift guide from Tocode exclusively for Black Friday, this special collection has been handpicked by choice to choose the affluent needs of a constant traveller.

What is so special about this collection?

1. Harold Travel Backpack

A casual chic backpack for the daily work whether you force back a car, caravan, bus or bike this backpack will hold everything you need in its roomy compartments that are cushioned for extra reinforcement. It perfectly holds all your electronic gear including a laptop. Throw in a few clothes and accessories for a weekend round trip and its tough fabric will never give away at the seams.

With protective metal zippers, password protection, and water resistant exterior this backpack is made to last forever. Comes with a bonus USB port to charge your mobile and iPad on the go. Suitable for hiking and camping as well because of its extra mesh pockets able to carry umbrellas, water bottle, and map. So gift to yourself or your travel soul mate for a lasting memory.

2. Tocode Tyler Laptop Backpack

You probably have teens and kids at home who need a trendy school bag to flaunt among their peers. Well this backpack is just the right choice for them, armed with a sleek, fashionable design and an entourage of pockets this laptop backpack is here to rock the school sessions. Lot of space for books, journals, sketchbooks, and mobile. Phone charging was never so easy as it features a USB port jack and also a cool headphone jack to enjoy a good podcast or treat oneself to hip music tunes while on the move.

The straps are designed to perfection and can easily fit a bike ride, hike, climbing, or commuting without crushing the shoulders from the weight. Safe from a chilly, wet spell this backpack is made out of water resistant material and hence a desirable gift option.

3. Vincent’s Eye Leather Messenger Bag

May the truth be told, that leather messenger bags get passed down to generations and owning one is privileged. The rugged black waxed exterior and the spacious padded interior make this piece an irresistible man bag. There is something royal about leather that makes it a faultless gifting preference during the holiday season.

So if you are a budding theatre artist, a painter, a writer or a business entrepreneur who is not looking to compromise on style then this messenger bag is the ideal choice. Women make a point to take note to gift it to the love of your life or children looking to gift their father a surprise.

ToCode has the best kept collection for your Black Friday shopping spree grab them before they vanish and upgrade your lifestyle.

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