Since the times of school, we all had a common dream - A dream of going to college and making friends, shaping our careers and living a youthful, exuberant life. When the college life stands in front of us, with it’s arms wide open to welcome us, picking the right backpack becomes a headache.

Few things to keep in mind before picking up the backpack, that’ll suit you the best.

1. Style

How to Pick Great Backpacks for College

The funky, cool and all new youth can’t be imagined without their cool sense of style and fashion. And your backpack should meet the style sense of yours. The stylish bags are hard to find and harder to choose when there’s a wide range of Cool backpacks  to pick from.  

2. Comfort

Any bag is a great backpack when it gives you comfort while you carry it all day long around the city or in the college campus. The backpack should be easy and comfortable to carry. A lightweight backpack gives great comfort.

How to Pick Great Backpacks for College

3. Durability

With style, fashion and comfort the backpack should also be durable to provide you hassle free movement and it should be long lasting to prove that it’s your good and trustworthy companion. Who loves changing bags daily? Do you? No? We don’t either. Using any backpack is fun when it’s durable and promises a long life.

4. Anti-theft

With the changing times and growing incidents of burglary and crimes, your backpack should be safe and secure to keep your belongings highly protected so that you don’t lose them to some lame thief. The modern backpacks comes with the all new anti-theft locks and specially designed zippers which are covered. Giving you that extra protection and safety from thieves. These number locks are safe and durable. And when a backpack is equipped with them, you can be sure you’re safe from theft.

How to Pick Great Backpacks for College

5. Waterproof

The waterproof material of a bag is highly admirable as waterproof backpacks allow you a swift movement in all the weather conditions alike. Making sure you’re on the run even when it’s raining heavily, the good quality material will keep your gears protected from water and rains. Some bags come with rain covers but are they reliable enough without that extra cover?  The answer is NO. You need to pick a backpack which is waterproof without any such additional covers. We here at specialises in designing such wonderful backpacks for our amazing customers.

6. Additional features

This is an era of smartness and our bags aren’t running late. Tocode’s  all new and unique collection of bags are full with super cool additional features like, Hidden pocket. Especially designed pockets in the backpack which aren’t visible to everyone are there for you to keep your keys, wallet, money, cards and other valuables safe and secure and separate from other gears.

How to Pick Great Backpacks for College

Inbuilt Portable USB slot.

The all new portable USB slot feature in the backpacks is a blessing like no other. These unique and portable ports in your backpacks ensure you’re always on power to send that important mail, click that awesome picture, send a cute text to your love and full power in your device. Modern day backpacks have evolved a lot.

You can pick yourself a trendy, cool backpack handpicked by our team of dedicated editors and designed with love and care from our designers. We provides you with top quality backpacks in an affordable range making sure, your budget isn’t affected and you get the best, that you deserve. We have some of the coolest backpacks for you to pick from. Hold tight and check them out.

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