The modern-day entrepreneur or an ambitious person has one foot in the office and the other foot in a plane. Quite a balance to keep chasing one’s dreams and achieving success in the hectic business world. Constantly being on the move means keeping a packed travel bag ready for an emergency business trip. It becomes additional stress to drag around bulky luggage from the airport to the hotel or directly to the meeting venue. We have some easy tips on how to pack less and add more benefits while on a business trip.



What is an absolute necessity?

  1. Clothing

Apart from the formal wear that you need for every important rendezvous carry a pair of comfortable jeans and t-shirts to lounge in between. A pair of nightwear, two fresh pairs of socks, underwear for each day and items made of light fabric Marino wool in case it happens to be during the winter months. The colour tone of the clothing outfits must be neutral and dark as this will hide dirt, travel wear and tear easily. Aside from your formal footwear just one pair of casual shoes wrapped in a clean plastic sheet will suffice. If the trip is for a longer duration you can always use the hotel or a local laundry to wash your clothes instead of carrying extra pairs.

  1. Travel Documents

All the necessary documents that explain your business visit and stay. Passport, visa, boarding pass, hotel stay duration confirmation and other miscellaneous identity proofs. Take note that some countries do not let you in if they are unsure about the duration of your commerce stay. Build a presentable itinerary of your journey from start to end so that you can prove it to the border security for access. Make sure to take photocopies or scan and store them digitally in case of emergency.

  1. Business presentations

All your official files, laptop, iPad and documents. Business card, expense receipts and other important presentation equipment for a successful business deal.


Avoid overcrowding the shoulder bag with these:

  1. Toiletries

Aside from the basic toothbrush and a few moisturizer creams, you will find shampoos, toothpaste, soap and other toiletries already provided in the hotel room.

  1. Office stationery

We know how much you value stick-on’s, stapler, pens and envelopes but you will already get all of these from any local shop. Also, these items will be provided by the opposite team that you are meeting.

  1. Weather equipment

No, you do not need the extra jacket, shoes, umbrella or multiple sunglasses. In case the weather goes rogue you can buy these items locally from your place of the trip. Avoid carrying bulky maps and guide books too as everything is available digitally on your phone these days.

Packing light is the key to having a comfortable journey. ToCode has an excellent collection of business backpacks that are maverick in carrying all the load with ease. They have all the above features to fit in clothes, laptop and even external USB port to charge all of the electronic gear. Their stylish appearance is enough to impress your competitors and let them know that you are well prepared to grab any business opportunity.

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