Before every trip there is an obligatory challenge that one must tackle – Packing! It comes to the nerves when you have to fit all of your essentials in various travel bags and still worry about leaving something behind. With travel influencers creating a new market, there has been an explosion of travelers in the market.

There is no off season in travelling right now as the new breed of weekenders have taken over to just take off on short vacation trips to exotic locales. With that there has been an exponential increase in the lucrative market for travel bags, earlier Louis Vuitton was considered to be the symbol of luxury travel kits.

The rich would flaunt these heavy trunks with pride on their annual vacations, cut to present we have super light-weight travel backpacks and duffel bags that can carry all of the voyage needs snugly. We have come up with a few pointers on how to choose the best travel bag pack for you next destination.


You don’t want to trudge with a heavy bag and end up causing a pain in your back while journeying not to mention the hassle at the airport check. To avoid that choose a bag that weighs light. Ultra light backpacks weigh only over a pound and super easy to carry around.

Cost & Style:

Quality check before spending cash on a back pack purchase. Individual style varies and buying according to ones personal taste is recommended. Also depends on whether one is on frequent fly miles then going for a durable piece is an absolute must. Spending too much on a backpack which you will never use again is unnecessary.


Travel thefts are common and buying a backpack that has features like secret compartments, secure pockets with strong zippers, waterproof, and safety locks are a plus while choosing a cool backpack.

Tocode a trendy online bag retailer has a variety of well crafted, innovatively designed travel back packs that you might want to feature in your next trip. These waterproof backpacks are minimalist but big on space allocation. These travel backpacks come with a one year warranty that make it an ideal choice for the millennial travelers who love to travel light securely.

Students, entrepreneurs, and photographers who are always on the go will benefit with its unique feature that is the inbuilt USB charging port with a standard cable. It comes in handy when one has to charge their own phone or device with a power bank from an outer port. It also fits the laptop and other items in an organized function, thus avoiding a chaotic packing while on a trip. It also features hidden safety zipper, password locking system,  and invisible pockets on the back, which keeps all of your expensive objects safe.  

Shoulders will never take the toll of travelling as these cool backpacks are made of breathable material and come with comfortable chest straps and ventilated padding. This durable material is also water-proof and safe against accidental spills, thus protecting all your gears inside.

Now next time you are planning your trip you know to keep in mind all of the above pointers. Bon Voyage!


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