The most common problem any frequent backpacker undergoes is the foul odour built up inside the backpack. This is due to debris collected within, not maintaining the hygiene while travelling, dust, and food particles. It is advisable to thoroughly clean your backpack every once a week, a deep cleansing must be done every month so that they last long. Following are a few tips and tricks to take care of your travel bag.

Of course these laptop bags come with instructions on a tag, you need to follow these or you can completely reinvent and use your own methods.

1. Vacuum

Vacuuming your backpack completely will not only remove the dirt and debris, but also pull out stubborn particles stuck inside the compartments. Make sure you empty your backpack and then begin the process of deep cleaning. This will also ensure no damage to the material or stitches of the bag.

How to Care For Your Backpack: Tips and Tricks

2. Spot Cleaning

Next step would be to dip a toothbrush into a mild detergent and then cleaning the left out spots of the bag like the smaller compartments, nooks and corners, and the zippers. Sometimes a vacuum cannot reach the untouched spots; hence a toothbrush always comes in handy.

3. Hand Brushing

A soft dry cloth can be used to clean the exteriors of the backpack; this can also be done by mildly damp cloth dipped in detergent or baking soda. Don’t rub the exteriors with harsh cloth or brush as this will develop wear and tear.

4. Lubricate the Zippers

Once you are done cleaning and drying the backpack lubricate the zippers to ensure that they last long. Use Paraffin or candle wax, beewax softened with hairdryer or heat gun, powdered graphite, or crayons.

How to Care For Your Backpack: Tips and Tricks

Few tips on leaving your backpack smelling divine:

a. Tea Bags Leave unused tea bags inside your backpack overnight. Then get rid of them in the morning, this will ensure a fresh minty smell inside of the compartments.

b. Dryer Sheets- Leave dryer sheet overnight so that it absorbs all the foul smell, remove it in the morning. Repeat the process for two days if necessary.

c. White Vinegar- Use white vinegar while rinsing your backpack after a wash to remove all musky detergent odour.

d. Disinfecting Wipes- Give your backpack a disinfectant rub regularly, this will kill any germs that cause foul smell.

e. Essential Oils- Mist the bag in essential oil sprayed from a bottle, can use lavender or mint or tea tree oils to leave a lasting fragrance.


How to Care For Your Backpack: Tips and Tricks


Do not use hot water or dryer on the shoulder bags; never leave them submerged for hours in the water hoping that they would become unsoiled automatically. This will only dent the backpack further.  

Now that you know how to keep your backpacks sweaky clean head up to Tocode to purchase fuss free backpacks, leather bags, and messenger bags. These bags come in minimalist design and hence are low maintenance. But don’t forget to keep them chic every once in a while.



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