Why not leave all the bulkier clothing at your parent’s house and instead travel light for the holidays? Every year while you plan that wonderful trip to be with your whole family for Christmas and New year you cannot wait to pack off and leave the city to enjoy some much needed break in a quiet town. But are you packing in style and not just hoarding all the warm clothes till the seams burst? We have the perfect solution to this problem just keep reading.

How Pack Carry on for the Holidays: Christmas, New Year’s, and More

1. Don’t re-pack

Why carry the same coats, jackets, sweaters again and again? Instead leave a part of bulk clothing at your parent’s place or wherever you are visiting every year neatly packed away in the closet. In this way you will not be carrying the same things again next year, just pack light with a few layer clothing's and some strong boots. This will also ensure much more space in your luggage.

How Pack Carry on for the Holidays: Christmas, New Year’s, and More

2. Roll and Fold

While packing your stuff in a backpack or carry on the best method is to roll some clothes and fold some. This way the important items stay on top for easier access and the others lie at the bottom undisturbed. Less wrinkles and more room with this procedure. Also packing everything in compression bags will keep things intact.

How Pack Carry on for the Holidays: Christmas, New Year’s, and More

3. Be Nifty

Organization is the key and when it comes to travelling this one skill will help you stay on top of your game. Wear all of your bulk clothes, don’t bury yourself in them but example you can wear jeans, jackets, sweaters, warm tops, muffler, gloves etc. when the weather outside gets frightful. This will ensure you stay warm and also you can pack some more items like presents in your shoulder bag.

4. Carry two smaller bags

Pack a backpack for handy essentials/electronic gear/snacks and a messenger or light duffel bag for clothes, shoes, gym gear, books, and presents. This way the weight is equally distributed and the things remain sorted. Also it will avoid a mess in the inner compartments of the backpacks.

How Pack Carry on for the Holidays: Christmas, New Year’s, and More

Also when the family drama at the holiday gets to real you can escape for some me time at the gym or grab a coffee. This is possible with the gear you could carry because of the two bag system. And of course you will have extra space for the presents you have received on your way back!

5. Pack practical

Pack functional clothes for the Christmas and New Year parties. Keep the clothes simple and sparkly with glam accessories and jewelry. The key is to be minimal and look stylish.

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