How many of you have come up with silly excuses to travel and spend time bonding with foreign locals and picturesque locales? Plenty of you right! And why not? When you have flights that are too good to pass (we mean on a cheap budget) and faraway places within your reach then the possibilities are endless. Millennial travellers have found a way to hop onto quick trips around the world with just trendy backpacks. The classic art of balancing a travel life in a different territory with bare essentials is catching up thanks to chic travel bags. 


We have the ultimate bag collection by ToCode to pair with any of your wanderer justification. What is your excuse?


1. A recluse living

We all love the idea of disappearing into an off the grid location for meditation or rejuvenation. It could be a retreat for the weekend or a week, a camping site in the midst of misty mountains or a cabin in the woods. Whatever be the reason cut off from civilization does charge our creative batteries. The Harold travel backpack is the perfect choice to carry all of your belongings and vanish into an oasis. It is equipped to carry all kinds of weather gear, electronic gear, clothes, shoes and eatables. The material is sturdy and waterproof, the bag will last throughout your monastic sojourns.

2. Volunteer

You wish to do your bit for the good of the community and have volunteered for a good cause abroad. The stay could be for two or more days and to make sure that you do not get mugged while travelling through the streets the Gray Concept travel rucksack is the ideal fit. Its modern interior and exterior mean business when it comes to style and comfort. It's got unique anti-theft pockets, baggage belt, an ergonomic airflow design at the back, multipurpose and meshed pockets for various belongings and extra space for clothes. This backpack ensures that you do not have sweaty backs in hot weather locals and easy carrying options while travelling via public transport.


3. The Semester

Someday the travel bug bites you and you take off as a student longing to complete that Spanish language course or the film making a course. There is always a bright opportunity waiting to explore the myriad of countries as an exchange student. You learn and also broaden your work horizon with new skills. To fulfil those dreams you need a constant travel companion that is as ambitious as your goals. The Student Laptop backpack is an ideal choice, it has spacious compartments for all of the course material as well as a padded sleeve for a laptop. It also comes with a built-in charging cable and an external USB port that can connect any electronic device on the move. So now scholar students can download their course material and work on assignments even while travelling. Visually appealing this shoulder bag also has a reflective tape that makes it easy to spot at night. In case you love to cycle around the city this comes as an added protective feature.

So now whatever is your excuse to travel Tocode has the exact travel bag for it. Make your own mark and choose your own destiny with these amazing backpacks.

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