No one is a pro when it comes to handling, essentials while packing, you will always bawl your eyes out for leaving some of your precious objects behind while on a trip. Somehow psychologically people think that they need more while on the road. This hoarder mentality causes travellers to bind themselves to unnecessary bits and pieces. Practice the now-famous Japanese art of decluttering and organizing known as the KonMari style while planning your next trip.

  1. Go Digital

We know the smell of musty books is all about nostalgia, but seriously, who needs so much of bulk in a backpack. Just think about it will you read a book or indulge yourself in a relaxing nap on the plane? Let go of your bulky collections and carry a kindle if you are an obsessed book worm. Or choose to travel without them, thus forcing yourself to meet and make new friends and engage in real conversations. You can easily download guidebooks and location finders onto mobile phones with the help of various apps instead of looking like a lost tourist holding a map. The same thing goes for cash, it is safer to have a digital wallet.



  1. The Little Stuff

Anywhere you go in the world you can buy stuff you need so it’s no brainer to say that pack ½ of what you require. You can buy all the toiletries from any given store once you reach your destination instead of treading them along. The factor of excess packaging into a travel bag can be avoided by carrying only part of toiletries like for example a good hand sanitizer, a small medicinal kit and a small bottle of body lotion. 

  1. Minimizing on clothes

Ahh! The most difficult part if you happen to be a woman traveller. So here’s the deal pack Marino wool clothes for a cold destination, they are super lightweight and do not give off a foul odour when worn for days on end. Good pairs of thermal clothing for a week and you are ready to go. For summer pack light clothes that dry up quickly. Versatile clothing is the key, a set of few clothes that can be worn multiple times. Instead of the cotton pack, socks/underwear made out of synthetic material because of these dry fast. Go for wrinkle free material.

  1. How to pack?

Now a backpack cannot fit in your whole wardrobe so pack vertically. This will allow you to check out the items at a glance instead of removing them one by one. Use packing cubes or little mesh bags to organize things better. Also, carry no more than two pairs of shoes.



  1. The Luggage

Never buy oversized baggage instead go for a medium-sized backpack that will fit in everything perfectly. A daypack will keep all the necessary documents handy while at the airport and also not cause an excess baggage fee.

To fit in all of your travel needs beautifully invest in sturdy built backpacks and leather messenger bags by ToCode. These not only help you to travel light but also keep up with the modern lifestyle the world has to offer.

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