How to be the leader of the pack? Not the wolf pack, but the expert starting the fresh week with a unique backpack. Not to blend in with the crowd, but proudly start apart with your own label – ToCode. A brand that owns spacious laptop bags, vintage messenger bags and stylish outdoor bags. So whatever be your plan for the week we have a bag that goes well with any outfit and occasion.

  1. Depends on the Season

A grey backpack will always look chic for a dull wintry commute, although black is versatile and can fit well with any season. For the warm day, you can carry a leather messenger bag like a tote for formal as well as informal occasions. The vintage leather allows you to stand out from a sea of colourful purses, handbags and large tote’s. It has something sophisticated about it, for rainy days ToCode bags are made out of water-proof material that suffices as a shield.

  1. Haute – Couture

While there are many expensive brands out there that cut deep into your pockets for an ideal backpack. But ToCode is budget friendly and allows the shopper to experience a range of products all under $100. And there is no compromise on the design, they look gorgeous for a wild night out with friends, toned down for the business meeting during the day and for the perennial artists, they fit in every little artwork that you need to exhibit later.

  1. Unisex Appeal


They are not just made for the minimalist male crowd, but also for the fashion conscious diva. Their style can mesmerize any fashion conscious individual into buying a collection for themselves. No two bags look the same, so you can actually carry a different bag everyday matching your outfit.

  1. Bike friendly

Planning to go on a bike trip for the weekend or you are an environmentally conscious individual that bike’s around for work and other needs. The ToCode bags are equally made out of environmentally friendly material. They have adjustable straps and a superior grip that ensures they do not slide off your shoulders as you concentrate on the road. The breathable material avoids any sweaty back situations while riding during hot weather.

  1. Game Changer

Where will you find a backpack that allows connecting remotely? It has charging cables to keep your laptop in use. Also during times of emergency, you can charge your electronic gadgets with the help of the exterior USB port. Headphone jack allows you to stay entertained while on long commutes. This game changer features keep these backpacks ahead of the pack.

To keep a fast track of all your requirements make a list of things you are going to carry each day. By doing this you will not crowd your backpack, at the same time it will be lightweight for the trip. ToCode is the new age backpack that is trendy and keeps you going into luggage chaos for the week.

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