When you have decided to be a backpacker that is what it should be. Trudging along a heavy suitcase along a long flight of stairs, or watching the horror of your luggage being piled high on in public transport in an unknown destination isn’t the exact idea of a stress-free journey. What we need to do is ditch the heavy baggage and switch on to travel backpacks. After all, the thought of being lightweight and free is so attractive for the modern age traveller. We have come up with some practical suggestions to choose the best backpacks for your next comfortable trip.

1. Does Size Matter?

You must feel that bigger and bulkier the better, but it’s the opposite. Size must never come into consideration. Of course, you want to fit in all your beloved belongings into one place, but think about it quite often we exaggerate ourselves while packing and end up with unnecessary items. Instead, plan the trip and then buy a backpack accordingly. A compact chic design travel bag goes a long way than a mighty bulky suitcase.

2. How to fit in?

The new age backpacks have separate spacious compartments for an organized journey. There is padded foam based sleeve for your laptop and electronic peripherals. Mesh pockets for holding socks, underwear, stationery and books. Spacious pockets for notebook and secret compartments for wallets and cash. Things are sorted out when it comes to clothes by the rolling method. Additional storage like snacks, water and shoes can fit in along the sides of the interior or the side pockets.

3. Should cost be a problem?

You always have a special brand or maybe look to buy in a cheap travel bag. But we suggest that you invest in a sturdy backpack that lasts longer than one that is cheap and will be bursting at the seams in no time. There are offers and discounts you can go for while purchasing. Also, check for an all-weather material that will keep your belongings protected from weather elements. An anti-slash and theft bag sounds like a lifesaver for travellers who have planned long vacations abroad.

4. Other features

Lockable/password protected zippers are a strong idea while you leave your luggage lying around for a long duration unattended. This is perfect for students who have to part with their rucksacks in the cafeteria or while leaving it in the dormitory. Thick shoulder straps and hip support is essential for distributing the weight while on the move. Make sure the backpack has a front loading element since it is easy to access the interior while on emergency and also more convenient.

ToCode has been manufacturing travel-friendly backpacks that build your own legacy and suit your personality code. They have a wide collection for every need and offer generous additional features for the weary traveller. For a smart and relaxing journey invest in one of the many backpacks from their unique travel set. We guarantee you ToCode is made to impress.

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