How do you find the perfect gift for someone who is a versatile traveller? You know that travelling light is the norm these days and buying an apt traveller bag is the best thing. Most of the bags in the market are only made out for sales profits rather than improving baggage experience. Price must not be an issue since investing in an expensive or branded travel bag will be more beneficial and save tonnes of extra money spent on airline baggage counter. The amount spent on designer coffees, swanky hotel rooms and expensive tour packages is much more than people buying an adequately weighed and sturdy backpack for their travels.

A great luggage design determines everything, its shape which has to be rectilinear for more covering ample storage space. A set of strong zippers that can withstand pressure, a shock compressed interiors and straps that can hold on to the weight and minimalize damage. And an excellent fabric makes that will transport the bag even in extreme weather conditions.

ToCode has an excellent collection when it comes to long term deliverance. So which of these ToCode bags can you instantly gift pack for your loved ones?

The Harold backpack is ideal for a lightweight outdoor carrier. It can be used by adventurous and sporty individuals who love to test their limits via camping, hiking, mountaineering and living in the wild. It has an enormous capacity to carry all the essentials needed for sustainable survival when on the outdoors. You can plan your trip around for weeks or the weekend with this all weatherproof bag. Also comes with a modern external USB port to keep all the electronics charged. Nothing compares to its tough exterior and built. This one is sure to please those risk takers in your life.

For the ones who have just joined college or about to make their mark in the rat race of the world the Rucksack business bag and the Wisdom Daypack are respectively ideal alternatives. The greyhound backpack is built for long business trips and can carry your office around comfortably. The daypack is ideal for student commuters who use public transport as well as bikes. It can easily stay put on your shoulders even during rush hour traffic. Both these modernly styled backpacks come with a spacious design, lock system, laptop sleeve and hi-tech charging scheme. So now if you want to please your college kid and also you're grown up office going kid these two bags fit the bill. Plus their unisex appeal has them going popular for both men and women.

For the older generation who still love to carry around posh briefcases for business, we have the ToCode Leather messenger bags collection. Built with polished, waxed and rugged leather, these are relics for ages. Their detachable shoulder straps convert them easily into tough cases for formal meetings. They have the capacity to carry a laptop and all the natural load required for a successful entrepreneur. If there an artist in the family who loves to carry around their artwork then this is the travel bag recommended for painters, writers and drama enthusiasts. All of their gear can fit in snug in its double padded interiors.

Shop ToCode when you plan to surprise your loved one's next time. They are sure to enjoy their journey for a long time to come.

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