There was a time when men, collectively as a gender disliked Shoulder bags, cross - body bags, messenger bags for their boyish looks, lack of masculinity, the ability to give a statement a dashing man reflects, the inability to keep our things organized, secure, and to keep up with our hectic and heavy style of life, the messenger bags were not durable and fashionable for a Man.

The list of reasons, why men never went for these bags is endless but NOW, The Times are Changing and So are the Messenger bags. They have evolved. From a Boy to a Man. Yes, finally.

The Cross-body Bags are not the same anymore. The magic of the time, technology and innovation has hit shoulder bags like a truck and they have changed completely.

Now available in different styles, size, material variant and vibrant color shades.

Leather Messenger Bags

The traditional bags of the messenger are now available in leather. Why Leather?

Leather shoulder bags not only look good but they are durable, fashionable and trendy as well. The spacious pockets, pen pockets, helps you keep your accessories well arranged and you stay organised. Being made up of leather, these bags are tough, durable and waterproof, to make sure the things kept in the bag are safe from water.

It’s spacious pockets allows you to keep your electronics separate from the other accessories. Shoulder bag’s comfortable and strong zippers and strap allow a smooth functioning of the chain locks and less stress on your  body and mind. With it’s anti-theft design, you are always safe and secure.

Nylon Messenger Bags

Nylon messenger bags or shoulder bags are not only fashionable and cool, they are highly durable and fits just right in the budget. These bags provide separate pockets to keep your laptop and other accessories separately. The nylon becomes a barrier for the water to enter the bag and keeps water from damaging your belongings. The waterproofing ensures nothing keeps you from delivering to the full potential whenever, wherever needed.

The separate chambers let’s you keep your cards, keys, books, folders, organised and secure. The unique style of these bags is something that will suit the best to your personality. These bags provide maximum comfort with their specially designed strap to ensure your shoulder isn’t under much pressure when the bag is on. And the adjustable strap length is something that allows anyone to carry these bags with ease.

Fabric Messenger Bags

Made up of Cotton Fabric this bag’s fashion game is too strong to handle. With the flaps on top and spacious pockets ensure both, safety from water and some extra space to keep keys, pins, pens, so on and so forth. The Cotton Fabric provides another option of build material and wide range of color to choose from. The heavy zippers, comfortable and adjustable strap, vibrant colors, spacious pockets, durability, these bags got it all for the buyer.


Now, it’s time for men to admire the cross-body bags and up their game with these cool looking, sleek messenger bags to run throughout the day with a sleek bag which is easy to carry, keeps you organized and carries all accessories with in it, to keep your hands and pockets free. This season, kick start it with the all new messenger bags.

The cross-body bags are in the game and they speak louder than ever. Give your daily backpack and laptop bag a vacation and Gift yourself or your man, the stylish messenger bags from our range of Shoulder and Messenger Bags

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