What do you gift a traveler? Something agile and productive like their personality or something that is durable and yet stylish. Many of us think of gifting a compass, a personalized diary, kindle, notebook, camping gear and so on and so forth. But the point you miss here is that all of these essentials need a backpack or shoulder bag for a comfortable journey.

For Your Next Journey - Cost-Efficient Special Gift

No brainier here the best gift is obvious (and let us be specific) – a Tocode backpack. Indulge in some discounts and featured choices on the site to get the best bargain of the holiday sale. These lifestyle travel bags have the strongest exteriors and the toughest interiors to keep all your things organized securely.

How to choose the perfect backpack to give away as gift?

  • Check the shoulder padding as that is the one area your frequent traveler will complain about. Long duration trips can cause shoulder and back pains hence be extra sure that the straps are foamed well. Also this will avoid any sweaty back syndromes.
  • Check the robustness of the backpack, of course it will tumble along the road so it needs to be tough.

For Your Next Journey - Cost-Efficient Special Gift

  • The old fashioned way of double checking a shoulder bag is ‘trying it on’. Yes wear it and see check its size, see how it feels on the skin.
  • These days backpacks come in all colors and shapes. If the person you are gifting is style conscious then make sure the travel bag looks cutting edge, chic, and versatile.
  • Avoid cheap backpacks if the person is a long term traveler. Make a good investment now and it will last for a lifetime.

The pros suggest that it should have a strong zipper, secure locking system, multiple compartments, and also be able to switch into a detachable day pack when needed. Tocode has many options here. With bags designed for outdoor, business, student, and the eternal leather messenger bags for the macho man who loves his man purse.

For Your Next Journey - Cost-Efficient Special Gift

Now when it comes to size the experts suggest that a 40-60L backpack is enough for 1-5 night trip. A 50-75L backpack is necessary for a 2-7 night trip and 60-85L backpack for a long duration journey. So now that you know why type of backpack is suitable for your loved one’s personality and style. You can plan to gift a special cost efficient version from Tocode for this Christmas.



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