Packing consumes a lot of time and sure poses as a headache before going on any trip. There is always something left out and something extra that we want to carry with us on a journey just in case. Now there are two kinds of packers – one those who fold their clothes neatly and others who roll it up like a bundle. Figure out which one of them is you and why is that particular method better than the other below.

Pros and Cons of Folding your clothes during packing:

  • Each piece of clothing can be neatly stacked with separate sections for pants, sweaters, and tops. For e.g. one side of the suitcase is arranged with pants, shorts, and leggings with socks and underwear. The other side can have stacks of sweaters, tops, jackets, scarves etc.
  • Everything looks organized and the sides can be filled with makeup-kits, luxury handbags, loafers, slippers, and shoes.
  • Even better if you pack your clothes in compression sacks that way they remain intact and don’t overlap while on bumpy roads.
  • There will be wrinkles on the crease of the clothes as they are folded to perfection.
  • If not buckled well they will cease to be in their original position and get displaced causing more havoc when you open your luggage. This style of packing pushes things up and leaves space only on the sides.
  • This style of packing is convenient for large suitcases and travel bags.

Folding vs. Rolling Clothes for Packing: Which is better?

Pros and Cons of Rolling your clothes during packing:

  • Pro packers insist that rolling your clothes into a cinnamon roll provide more space in the travel bags.
  • Backpackers swear by this method as they can fit everything snugly into their backpacks while travelling without bursting the seams.
  • This style of packing pushes things out and creates space on the top.
  • The clothes remain wrinkle free and do not rub against the edges of the luggage to create rips.
  • You can view all the items packed at a glance instead of going through a pile of stacked clothes when wanting to remove something from the bottom.
  • Smaller pockets that are left can be filled with other essential items.

Folding vs. Rolling Clothes for Packing: Which is better?

Our Verdict:

Both these methods are simple and effective, while most of the travellers love to roll their clothes as it’s more practical for a travel. Both these methods don’t save much of the space as touted by the experts. The flat pile method is for seasoned travellers who are packing for long vacations. For modern backpackers fitting everything into their backpack is more important than worrying about creases. We suggest that you use both these methods, roll some and fold some when it comes to having a happy trip.

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