You need a hybrid backpack when it comes to versatile travelling plans, consider your business trip getting extended to a sudden trip to the mountains or relaxing on the beach. Unplanned detours like this can leave us without any extra essentials because we were not prepared to pack for the occasion and not to mention we always freak out when it comes to the backpack we will be carrying for the trip.

Large bags are cool but when it comes to airport security we cannot fit in everything for the trip. Hence investing in a compact version will meet all our travel needs.

Do we really need a soft sided luggage?

The general perception is hard sided baggage are shock resistant and largely comfortable. Well, you are wrong with the advent of technology the material used in making backpacks has undergone a tremendous change. Tocode is a brand that has come up with backpacks made out of soft materials like oxford and nylon fabrics which are durable and water resistant. A soft sided backpack will pack in all the items without considerable wear and tear shown on its surface like a hard sided luggage. Also, they are flexible and easy to carry on with adjustable shoulder straps.

Now we come to the safety part no doubt hard luggage has the superiority of tucking away all the valuables neatly but they can get lost in transit. Whereas a backpack can be put in the overhead bin during the flight and it will always be by your side. Hence backpacks are a cool version of hard travel bags.

How spacious should it be?

Backpacks with square edges or openings are more spacious and wide than round ones. The inner compartments must be sectional and multi purposed to hold a large laptop and all you’re electronic gears along with the basic travel items.

Sections with mesh pockets must be able to hold daily needed belongings. Compression pockets are ideal for gears that need to be protected from shock. Dry storage is ideal for all the valuables which is ensured with spillage proof lining. The Tocode range of backpacks easily fit in a laptop, a tablet, and other objects without compromising on the design and style.

Loaded with Attractive features

Everyone loves a good bargain and a backpack which comes with additional cool features proves to be winner in the long run. Tocode has merged technology and modern lifestyle so its customers never feel the need to be detached from the world. With built in cable and USB charging port these backpacks are a millennial favorite who constantly want to stay glued to their phone.

Passwords rule our everyday life and how can backpacks be left out of it. These trendy Tocode versions come with password protection so now even your bestie cannot spy on what you are carrying.

While looking for a cool roomy backpack we are actually in search for a lounge worthy travel bag that fits our taste and is also a robust storage place that stays with us for a long time.

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