Woman and bags are an emotional connection; they probably bear the same handbag for every occasion. You have never potentially come across a woman who travels light, for a lady her bag doubles up as a travel companion, day bag, night bag, makeup kit, extra things to throw in, and if possible medicinal refuge. Even the minimalists of them carry a large tote around the city to accommodate everything in. We have come up with some useful points on how to pick out the right bag when it comes to making it your permanent fixture for your personality.

1. Versatility

Always choose neutral colors like brown and black as they match with any outfit and occasion. A durable bag must be comfortable to carry for day-to-day activities. Invest in a spillage proof material to use under any weather circumstances. Apart from its style also check its safety options like strong zipper and locks to keep jewelry and personal items from theft.

2. Style

Every lady has her own perception of fashion and she can be sporty, casual, professional, and bohemian. While her bag must represent her personal taste it is recommended to go for compact, well-stitched, and Eco-friendly travel bag that suits any personality.

3. Weight

Less is never more for a lady so to balance it out buy a bag that can be comfortable on the shoulder and necks. Women constantly complain of migraines and neck problems due to their heavy backpacks. A light weight material can ease out this situation and breathable chest straps that can be adjusted are an easy solution.


Tocode can be very indulging when it comes to looking for the perfect ravel backpack. Women can choose from a wide range of water-proof and Eco-friendly material made backpacks like Mr. Racoon, Poet Devin, and Grand Canyon that fit everything snug for short as well as long trips. These bags are shoulder friendly as well because they come with flexible straps. Safety is never an issue as they come with magnetic zippers and password fitted locks.

These sturdy backpacks are a fashionista’s delight as they come with built in USB and cable wires which can be used for charging laptops and mobile phones. So now a fashion or style blogger can wander down the street taking Instagram worthy pictures and later upload all of those envious shots from a cafe without having to worry about low battery.

The multi functional backpacks can fit from umbrellas, to clothes, and even laptops. Wide and spacious for books and personal kits too. The neutral color does not contrast on your wardrobe choice of the day and hence a perfect companion for day as well as night. Versatility is the key with Tocode backpacks and ladies will sure to own more than just one of these modish backpack.

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