In this age of quick transport daily commuters still, prefer taking the old routes of public transport rather than the plush interiors of a luxury car. Although there are drawbacks to this manner of travel people love the thought of cutting congestion on the roads. This also means carrying all of their belongings in a sturdy backpack.

ToCode has manufactured some of the toughest backpacks for frequent travellers. They are featured with all the lavishness of a high brand backpack in a budgeted price. The interiors are to die for, with a padded structure it well guards a laptop as well as your travel documents. Easy to mount on luggage trolleys and shoulder they are finely tuned with an ergonomic design to match modern standards. As chic and minimalist these backpacks may look from the outside, they are equipped with an unparalleled series of separate compartments to store items in an organized way.

So basically why do we need backpacks for daily commute?

  1. Tough terrain

Bumping in a crowded metro, bus or any other form of public transport will cause leaks from your home-made lunch packs and also damage your electronic gears. Do you really want to take oil soaked or smelly bags to work? Absolutely not! To avoid such disastrous situations a backpack with multiple functional compartments is handy and ideal. Plus, you can just wear it towards your front to keep the contents safe and under your watchful eyes.

  1. Extra Pillow

Imagine the euphoria of finding the perfect place while commuting and indulging in a quick power nap. So convenient to carry a backpack that can be used as a pillow to support your head and take that much-needed rest. Can never do this stunt in your own car, isn’t it?

  1. No more holding plastic

You have just got off work and ended up shopping for groceries and essentials before you head home. But you dread the way because you will have a tote bag slipping off your shoulder and multiple plastic bags to handle. Well, no more. With a spacious backpack, you can fit in all your shopping items and travel handsfree in a public conveyance. No worrying about groceries spilling out of the bag too. Excellent backpacks are built with waterproof and reinforced stitching to get maximum coverage and ease on the bulk. Plus, you will be conserving the environment with zero usage of plastic bags. 

  1. Space for two

Maybe you commute with your spouse or you juggle with parental duties before and after office hours. You can always put all the extra items safely in a backpack. A quick change of clothes for the PTA meeting during the day, two lunch packets for the day, personal items like two wallets, credit cards, cash etc. Backpacks are ideal for travelling with lesser luggage.

ToCode lifestyle bags are easy enough to lug around all day, sufficiently lightweight so that it won’t fracture your back as you travel standing for hours in a metro or any other daily commute. They are fashionable enough to make you feel like the soul of the moment throughout your trip.

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