Laptops have become the indispensable lifestyle of modern college and office goers. They have become a common feature for frequent flyers too, which makes this electronic gadget the most expensive piece of luggage while on a trip. To make sure that your laptop stays in mint condition during the travel duration you need to invest in a padded sleeve laptop backpack. There are many choices in the consumer market that promise security and durability. But none of them can compare to the features that are displayed with the ToCode laptop bags.


How to choose the perfect laptop backpack:

  • They must have a large separate cushioned sleeve for holding a 17-inch laptop.
  • Strong straps and spacious pocket to hold the laptop in place instead of sliding out of the bag.
  • Plenty of secondary and smaller compartments in the interior to store other items in an organized manner.
  • Quality zippers and durable wide shoulder straps to carry the weight of the backpack.

How do you plan on using the laptop backpack?

Before investing in a permanent laptop backpack you need to review its access and utility. Are you going to be a daily commuter? Or a bike rider? Or walk for a short distance in order to get to work or school? This will determine the right choice of a shoulder bag for your need. Since a standard laptop makes the bag weigh 4 to 5 kilos it is imperative that you buy one that does not strain your back and shoulders. Is made out of breathable fabric which helps while riding and has ergonomic adjustable straps that can be switched onto a trolley case and distribute the weight evenly while walking.

A standard laptop bag is compact and can carry only a laptop with its accessories. But ToCode laptop bags have all the extra storage for packing documents, notebooks and clothes as well.

A waterproof lining and scratch resistant compartments are necessary while carrying an expensive laptop. You do not want to invest in additional repair from the damage done due to rough weather or bad roads. ToCode backpacks are like steel when it comes to protecting your valuable belongings, they are featured with anti-theft details and have a secure exterior.

Lastly, your personal style also influences the choice you make when it comes to buying the best laptop backpack. A versatile travel bag is always a good companion whether you are an artist, business person, college student or casual commuter. ToCode backpacks are equipped for any sort of travelling. They also come with attractive deals, discounts and warranty features. These bags are suitably styled for work and pleasure.

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